Football Women 11.1: Looking back on the preseason

Nørrebro United and Taastrup IF pulled their teams from the winter tournament before we could play against them and even though all had interest in a practice match, it never came to be..

January 23rd – Herstedøster IC vs. CBS Sport (Winter Tournament)

As we had trouble getting enough players that early in the preseason, CBS Sport tried to postpone the match, but unfortunately Herstedøster was unwilling to do to so and CBS Sport was registered as loser of the match.

February 14th – CBS Sport vs. Bella1973 (WT)

Bella1973 was unfortunately forced to cancel in the morning and couldn’t find a suitable date for a new match.

March 6th – Vipperød Bk. vs. CBS Sport (WT)

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Chantal – Rakel – Benno – Majbritt
Midfield: Katie – Cirkeline – Stone – Mia – Caro
Striker: Lisa
Subs: Tine, Sandra C

End result: 2-3 (win!)
Goals: Cirkeline (assist: Majbritt), Katie (assist: Caro), Caro (assist: Cirkeline)
Woman of the Match: Katie

A big thanks to Tine and Sandra for helping out, so we didn’t have to play without any subs and a great debut for Chantal and Katie!
And thank you to Cecilie’s former coach, Jan, for coming out and be our lone CBS Sport Supporter.

March 12th – CBS Sport vs. Herlev (WT)

Goal: Ingrid
Defense: Chantal – Rolle – Kjældgaard – Benno
Midfield: Caro – Mia – Marlen – Cirkeline – Kathrin
Striker: Lisa
Subs: Eline, Chris, Judith

End result: 5-0 (win!)
Goals: Marlen (unassisted (with help from Caro)), Marlen (assist: Caro), Lisa (unassisted), Marlen (assist: Chantal), Marlen (assist: Kjældgaard)
Woman of the Match: Marlen

A big thanks to Kathrin, Eline, Chris and Judith for helping us out!

March 20th – Roskilde Pigefodbold vs. CBS Sport (WT)

Roskilde was unfortunately forced to cancel in the morning and couldn’t find a suitable date for a new match.

April 3rd – CBS Sport vs. ØKF (Practice Match)

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Chantal – Rakel – Rolle – Benno
Midfield: Katie – Mia – Laura – Cirkel – Caro
Striker: Marlen
Subs: Vallys, Skov, Ingrid

End result: 1-3 (defeat)
Goal: Marlen (assist: Ingrid)
Card: Rakel (yellow)
Woman of the Match: Cirkel

A big thanks to Ingrid for helping us out (and for providing the assist!) and a great debut for Vallys and Skov!

Season start

First match of the season is this Sunday, April 10th at home ground (JJV) with kick-off at 13:30!