Football Women (11) vs. Fremad Valby

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Fremad Valby
Date: October 7th, 2015
Venue: JJV

With a heavy side wind, CBS Sport was eager to wipe off the defeat from Sunday – and boy did they wipe it off..


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Mari – Rakel (C) – Rolle – Benno
Midfield: My – Anja – Stone – Cirkel – Marlen
Striker: Caro

Sub(s): Lisa, Majbritt, Laura

The match

After a few minutes play, Marlen opened up the party with a great goal on a pass from Rakel. Only minutes later, Valby Fremad are again on their heels and Caro scores on a pass from Marlen.

A Fremad Valby corner is cleared by Cecilie, Cirkeline picks up the ball, takes it up the pitch, passes it to Caro, who passes to Lisa, who passes back to Caro who assists Marlen who’s taken the long run from own goal to Valby Fremad’s goal. What a play! What a pearl!

And then the injuries started rolling in.. Stone twisted her ancle and both Rolle and My got hamstrings.. This left the line-up with Mari, Rakel, Majbritt and Benno in the defense, Marlen, Anja, Laura, Cirkel and Lisa on the midfield and Caro on top.

Luckily the injuries and substitutions didn’t leave CBS Sport at a lower pace. Minutes later Marlen got her hattrick on a pass from Caro. And even when the play seemed to go down a nutch, Anja steals the ball from Valby Fremad on a bad pass and just goes for the shot; goalkeeper fumbles and manages to let the ball pass right under her and into the goal.. 5-0!

Close to half time, Valby Fremad – who’s been lacking real chances – gets a corner kick, that sails past the goal and straight to an opponent left unmarked who heads it in.. 5-1.

In half time Coach Jeppe encourages us to play more defensive and let Valby Fremad do the running, as we’re down to no subs and a few players on the pitch with somewhat injuries..

Second half starts slow and looks like it’s gonna be a goalless affair, but then Laura manages to muscle the tallest player on the team, steal the ball and go for the shot, where the Valby goalkeeper again fumbles and more or less donates another goal to the pile. 6-1!

After a great play Cirkeline’s power shot hits the post, but Marlen is ready for the rebound and puts herself on top of the top scorer list! 7-1!

With four seconds left and Valby Fremad ready to take a free kick, ref shows out one of Valby Fremad’s players after she’s been taken down Lisa multiple times from behind.

What a party! And Marlen getting four goals in one match, was so awesome – and of course that gave her the Woman of the Match title!

The aftermath

Result: 7-1 (win!)
Goals: 1-0 Marlen (assist: Rakel), 2-0 Caro (assist: Lisa), 3-0 Marlen (assist: Caro), 4-0 Marlen (unassisted?), 5-0 Anja (unassisted), 6-1 Laura (unassisted), 7-1 Marlen (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Marlen