Football Women (11) vs. GVI

GVI vs. CBS Sport Football Women (11)
Date: September 9th, 2015
Venue: GVI

Coach Jeppes outline: “After a rough first match we’re looking to get the first points on the board.
I think we showed a lot of positive signs in the first match, and if we work hard to minimise the number of errors we should be taking home a lot of points this season.”


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Rakel – Beno – Kjældgaard
Midfield: Lisa – Mia – Laura – Stone – Caroline
Striker: Kiri

Subs: Malle, Hansen, Chris

The match



CBS Sport

0-1 Kiri, assist Caro
0-2 Lisa, assist Laura
0-3 Caroline, assist Laura
GVI gets a yellow card for elbowing Rakel before a GVI free kick Y
1-3 With only 10 players, GVI fights their way to a corner, and with CBS Sport being to passive, GVI heads it in on a loose ball..
1-4 Lisa, assist Kiri
1-5 Mia, assist Rakel
Y GVI pressures high and hard, and after only being on the pitch for a few minutes in the center defense, Hansen is close to being rounded and pulls the break at the edge of the box. Ref rules yellow card. The free kick goes into the wall.
End of match
The aftermath

Result: 1-5 (win!)
Goals: (0-1) Kiri, assist Caro, (0-2) Lisa, assist Laura, (0-3) Caro, assist Laura, (1-4) Lisa, assist Kiri, (1-5) Mia, assist Rakel
Cards: Hansen (yellow)
Woman of the Match: Stone