Football Women (11) vs. IF Føroyar

Østerbro IF vs. CBS Sport Football Women (11)
Date: September 26th, 2015
Venue: Kløvermarken

Leading up to the match, a lot of cancellations, meant that Jeppe had to spend a lot of time persuading players to join. Mari was a star and agreed to play, even though she was unsure whether she was fully recovered from her injury. Furthermore Majbritt was suffering from some knee pains, but with two subs, it should be possible to rotate in order to protect the team from further injuries.

Unfortunately, on the day of the match, Stone had to cancel due an ancle injury from Thursday’s practice and later on My also had to cancel because of fever. All of a sudden, the team was decimated to zero subs, and (at least) two players in the line-up with minor injuries..

Fair to say, it was hard for the team to keep positive prior to the match. IF Føroyar also had three previous victories in their luggage, which meant that they were probably eager to get another “scalp”..


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Kjældgaard – Rakel – Rolle – Majbritt
Midfield: Mari – Anja – Cirkel – Benno
Striker: Kiri – Laura

Sub(s): None

The match

IF Føroyar vs. CBS Sport

0-1 Laura is taken down by the opponent’s captain in the penalty area and referee rules penalty. Kiri steps up and punishes IF Føroyar with a goal.


0-2 Laura wrestles her way in to the penalty area again, and this time ends on the ground because of both the captain and the keeper from Føroyar.

IF Føroyar’s captain gets a yellow card, because of the penalty. Y

End of match

Everyone was a bit puzzled afterwards, that it had actually ended in a victory despite no subs and injuries. But Føroyar wasn’t as tough an opponent as expected – maybe due to cancellations on their team as well. Discussions afterwards went on whether the captain should’ve gotten a red card, given that it was an obvious chance of scoring and Laura was taken down from behind. But most of all, the team was just happy to have won!

Unfortunately Laura’s ancle – after gaining to penalties – was acting out, but hopefully she’ll be back within soon!

The aftermath

Result: 0-2 (win!)
Goals: (0-1) Kiri (P), assist Laura, (0-2) Kiri (P), assist Laura
Woman of the Match: Laura