Football Women (11) vs. KFUM

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. KFUM
Date: October 31st, 2015
Venue: Emdrup Park


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Mari – Rakel – Kjældgaard – Benno
Midfield: My – Mia – Stone – Cirkeline – Caro
Striker: Marlen

Subs: Majbritt, Anja

The match

0-1: Marlen scores on a great pass from Stone!

1-1: An incomplete pass from the defense ends at the feet of a KFUM player, who goes for goal and manages to send the ball by the far post, past Cecilie

Caroline shots a great corner, which ends at the feet of Marlen, who kicks it in! Unfortunately ref rules off-side.

2-1: KFUM makes another goal on an CBS Sport error, displaying that the defense and midfield might be too far apart.

3-1: CBS Sport starts to look very tired, and seems to have spent their energy on all the wrong runs and decisions. After trying to drive the ball all the way from defense up through the middle, Kjældgaard looses it right over the middle, and even though the KFUM player had Kjældgaard in her heels the whole way, she manages to score.

The aftermath

Even though it was dissapointing to loose in the last match, it was also a proof of the league being almost impossible to predict. All teams lost at least one match and often not to teams ranking higher than themselves.

Overall, our team ends as no. 4 in the table – which is the best result to this date and something to be very proud of. Furthermore the team scored 24 goals – which is the highest goal score for at least two years!

Result: 3-1 (defeat)
Goals: 1-0 Marlen (assist: Stone)
Woman of the Match: Stone and Marlen