Football Women (11) vs. Østerbro IF

Østerbro IF vs. CBS Sport Football Women (11)
Date: September 20th, 2015
Venue: Fælledparken


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Chris – Rakel – Beno – Majbritt
Midfield: Marlen – Mia – Cirkel – Stone – Laura
Striker: Kiri

Sub(s): Ane

The match

Østerbro IF vs. CBS Sport

18” 0-1 New player Marlen scores! Assist Laura.

A corner sails all the way past the goal and to feet of an open opponet who puts it in. 1-1

65′ 1-2 CBS Sport comes back on a corner! Kiri served it nicely from the corner and a poor Østerbro player managed to put it in.

85′ Referee rules penalty for Østerbro IF. None of the players on the pitch knows exactly why, but Østerbro IF executed nicely opposite of Cecilie in the goal. 2-2

End of match

Great debut for both Marlen and Ane. Besides some disagreements with the refs rulings (whom we thought would only be referee in Serie 1..) and a dog and a bike on the pitch (which has weirdly enough happened before), the match had a lot of positive things to take on; mainly the offensive play and the great figther spirit that CBS Sport was showing.

The aftermath

Result: 2-2 (draw)
Goals: (0-1) Marlen, assist Laura, (1-2) Own Goal, assist Kiri
Woman of the Match: Marlen