Football Women (7) vs. CSC

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. CSC (Cristiania Sport Club)

Date: 21st of April 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Hansen (C)
Midfield: CC – Birita – Lisa
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: Kathrin, Anne-Mette, Maiken

1st half

Knudsen scores unassisted after less than 5 minutes play. 1-0. Hereafter Knudsen gets subbed, as her injury from yesterday starts bothering again.

CC follows up Knudsens goal with another unassisted goal and makes it 2-0. Later on Lisa made a great pass to Anne-Mette who puts it right in! CBS Sport’s play is looking awesome and CSC doesn’t get close to anything!

At the end of the first half, ref rules that CC makes a penalty. CSC puts in the centre, but unfortunately Cecilie was already flying to right and only nearly touches the ball with her toe. 3-1 and half time.

2nd half

Second half with PACKED with chances for CBS Sport; i.e. Hansen had a quite dangerous shot from the distance that gave a corner, which CBS Sport had a lot of – but unfortunately not with any pay-off.

5 minutes into second half Cecilie goes out to clear, but misses and gets a player down on top of her and is defenseless against the other player who could just drible the ball in. 3-2.

About ten minutes into the half, ref shows of a CSC player who takes A-M down from behind. 5 minutes cool-off!

CBS Sports has a lot of great 1-2 play, both Brini and Lisa shows off, and Birita and A-M shows their skills, which gets to Kathrin that kicks in on the post and bounces on the CSC goalkeeper and into the goal! 4-2!

The defense is still standing strong, but there are some minor chances to CSC, i.e. a ball that Hansen kicks very close to the left post.. No own goals this season!

After a lot of great chances but no goals, Birita gets her revenge and scores on an assist from Kathrin – 5-2!

Another CSC gets shown of the pitch with a yellow card after numerous pushes in the back – which furiates the CSC coach who has been yelling and shouting throughout the match, mainly while standing ON the pitch; everything earning a lot of warnings from the ref, who despite that doesn’t gives him the card.

With only about a minute left, Birita has a great drible with the ball, but gets taken down in the second she was shooting and gets a free kick – Birita kicks it to A-M who unfortunately kicks it out of stadium!

The match ends 5-2 in favour of CBS Sport!

In retrospect

Another great 7-a-side match from CBS Sport, leaving us at the very top og the serie. Worth to mention was also Maiken GREAT comeback after two years of abscense due to injuries.

Tomorrow we’re meeting FC Culpa in Valby. The match starts at 19:30 and we’re of course hoping for a lot of support!

Result: 5-2
Goals: Knudsen (unassisted), CC (unassisted), Anne-Mette (assist: Lisa), Kathrin (assist: Anne-Mette), Birita (assist: Kathrin)
Woman of the Match: Brini and Birita!

Finally a special thanks to all the awesome spectators and especially Eva and Koll for writing down goals, assists and all other moves made by all players and spectators around Koll 🙂