Football Women (7) vs. FCØ

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. FCØ
Date: 20th of September 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Blok
Defense: Nanna – Maiken
Midfield: Kristie – Eva – Camilla Borg
Striker: Julie

Sub: Tine

The match
1-0 Kristie shoots, but the ball bounces off the goalkeeper, but Julie is fast to pick up the rebound and scooooores!
2-0 Eva sends a Julie running free and she scores one-on-one with the goalkeeper!
3-0 Camilla sends a perfect ball to Eva, secures the victory with 3-0!

The aftermath

After the terrible defeat against Sønderbro Fight, it felt good to come back in such a good manor! Furthermore it helped the 11v11 ladies to get over their defeat against FC Damsø 🙂

Result: 3-0 (win!)
Goals: 1-0 Julie (assist: Kristie), 2-0 Julie (assist Eva), 3-0 Eva (assist: Camilla)
Woman of the Match: ??