Football Women (7) vs. HB

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. HB

Date: 5th of October, 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Sidsel
Defense: Maiken – Blok
Midfield: Solveig – Birita (C) – Katie
Striker: Oda
Subs: Cecilie, Nanna, Julie

1st half

Given the 11-a-side ending 15 minutes before match start in Brønshøj, CBS Sport started the match without any subs. But Cecilie, Nanna and Julie managed to get from Brønshøj to Frederiksberg only a few minutes into the match. Sidsel was subbed with Cecilie, and could change to the blue jersey ready to rock the middle.

Unfortunately the team bore a bit evidence of the many debutants, and the marking was unfortunately not always close enough, so HB got way too much space. Only minutes after being subbed in, Cecilie went out in a one-on-one; interrupted the attack, but the ball continued and wasn’t cleared by the defense in time, as a HB player got to the ball and scored. 1-0 for HB.

Minutes later, a ball hit the post and bounced out to an unmarked HB player who could quite easily score. 2-0 for HB.

A few minutes before half time, a shot from the side of the penalty area cheated Cecilie and went right past her and into goal. 3-0 for HB.

2nd half

Second half looked way better than first half, but unfortunately CBS Sport started to look tired and again letting a bit go of the markings.

Cecilie managed to misread a ball coming from the side of the goal – thinking it would go out, she chose not go for the ball; and could then see it go straight in the net. 4-0 for HB.

Close to the end, an unmarked HB player took a shot from the distance leaving Cecilie helpless. 5-0 for HB, which was also the end result.

In retrospect

It was great to see the debutants, Solveig, Oda, Blok and Katie, on the pitch, and it surely looks like there’ll be good competition on the different spots on the teams. Also Birita made a glorious comeback, after being forced to stay away from football due to an injured back. She was subbed after a quite physical tackle, but was positive about her injury status after the match.

HB wasn’t necessarily a better team, but lack of communication, marking and capability of building up good attacks, prevented the goals and the victory. But on the bright side, there’s a lot to take with us from the match 🙂

Result: 0-5 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Katie (with 4 votes)
– Furthermore Sidsel got 3 votes, Cecilie got 2 votes and Blok and Nanna got one vote each.