CBS Sport Street Football 2013

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. HIK

Date: June 19th, 2013
Venue: Nandrupsvej


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: B – Camilla
Midfield: Laura – Ellen – Luffe
Striker: Julie
Subs: Ingrid, Lidegaard

1st half

CBS Sport started with great control of the match, and some good chances, but a row of HIK corners ended up in Camilla getting the ball in the stomach and bouncing it into the goal to an own goal.. 0-1.
Fair to say, both B and Cecilie were both close at making own goals at corners, proving that CBS Sport was not really capable of clearing corners.

Fortunately CBS Sport did not let the own goal affect them and only a few minutes after, Camilla was determined to make up for her own goal with a great pass to Julie who dribled an opponent and scored securely! 1-1.

Proving that corners was a problem, HIK got their other goal on a corner kick that was blocked and sent right to a HIK player who nicely scored by heading it in. CBS Sport was again behind – 1-2.

Again CBS Sport wouldn’t let HIK’s lead mean anything, and a great shot from Julie ended up in a massive struggle in front of goal, where Lidegaard in the end got it passed the pile of people including the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who afterwards was clearly unsatisfied with the fact that the referee didn’t give her the free kick, she found she deserved after lying in front of 3-4 players feet without the ball secured. 2-2.

At the end of first half, Lidegaard made a pass back to Camilla on the defense position, whereafter Camilla managed to send a long shot towards goal, which the goalkeeper – pressured by Ingrid – lost into the goal.. 3-2!

2nd half

Second half had a bunch of chances, mainly to CBS Sport. For instance Julie got major chance after being played free by Lidegaard – but managed to miss the goal. Also Lidegaard had a good shot at goal, that the goalkeeper unfortunately got her hand on, causing a corner kick.

To spice up the match with some drama a HIK player started to argue with the referee, who told her that if she continued he would hand her a yellow card. As she continued, she was handed a yellow card and CBS Sport played 5 minutes in majority, but without making any goals.

In retrospect

The match ended in a 3-2 win for CBS Sport and a secured promotion, despite still having to play another match Saturday against no. 4.

Result: 3-2 (WIN!)
Goals: 1-1 Julie (assist: Camilla), 2-2 Lidegaard (unassisted), 3-2 Camilla (assist: Lidegaard)
Woman of the Match: Julie

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