Football Women (7) vs. ØKF

ØKF vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: 22nd of May, 2014
Venue: Kløvermarken

Last minutes injuries and players calling in sick, ment that Coach Jonas had to think “out of the box” and switch his planned line-up a bit around..


Blok (GK)
Maiken(CD) Natalie (CD)
Bianca (MF) Birita (MF) Solveig (MF)
Knudsen (ST)

Subs: Nanna

The match

After only a few minutes, Natalie managed to take down an opponent from behind in the penalty area. Thomas Staalager who, due to an absent referee, was being the ref for the first half had no other choice than to rule penalty kick for ØKF. ØKF didn’t score on the penalty, but they picked it up afterwards, as first half ended 4-0.

In second half someone from ØKF came to be the referee, and ØKF just continued being better, ending the match with 7-0.

In retrospect

Coach Jonas was not satisfied, but had to admit that ØKF was just simply better. Moreover this was Nanna’s first match in a long time as a fielder, which earned her the title as Woman of the Match. She certainly knows how to make her comebacks.

The result means that CBS Sport have to win the last to matches, and even then are dependent on the other teams’ results if relegation is to be avoided.

Result: 7-0 (defeat)
WoM: Nanna