Football Women (7) vs. Tårnby FF

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. Tårnby FF

Date: 1st of June
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Birita
Defense: Hansen (C) – Camilla
Midfield: Michelle – Lidegaard – Laura
Striker: Julie
Subs: Refvem, Sandra

With summer making it’s way to Denmark we were looking forward to a hard and well fought game against the team sitting firmly on 1st place in our pool.

1st half

We expected Tårnby to try to dominate from the start and started quite compact. Play was very even for the first 5 minutes with none of the teams being able to create any big chances.

After 7 minutes Tårnby got a corner that sailed to the far post where an unmarked Tårnby player was able to head it past Birita. Poor marking from our side now meant that we had to come from behind.

After another 10 minutes of back and forth with few chances going either way we got a throw in around the edge of the penalty area on our right side. Hansen threw it towards the area where it was flicked on by a Tårnby player, bounced on the ground and then managed to sail above the goalkeeper, who misjudged the ball completely, leaving the ball between Sandra and an empty goal, ultimately letting Sandra run the ball across the line by playing the ball with her hip. 1-1 and we were back in the game.

Towards the end of the first half we were able to create a couple of good chances through clever passing and movement on the midfield, unfortunately without being able to score.

2nd half

Tårnby had become increasingly frustrated towards the end of the 1st half by their inability to create chances for anything but shots from more than 20 yards and we expected them to attack heavily for an early goal coming into the 2nd half. Unfortunately it only took them two minutes to get their goal.

An unfortunate mistake in our defense meant that their forward was alone with our goalkeeper. The Tårnby player got the upper hand in that exchance and the score was 1-2.

We quickly regained our focus and largely kept Tårnby away from creating any real chances at goal. On the other end of the pitch we were able to display some good combinations along our wings but vigilant defending from the Tårnby side meant that many plays resulted in throw ins and corners.

After 44 minutes Laura drowe the ball forward up the left side and was taken down by a clumsy tackle from behind inside the penalty area. The referee correctly pointed to the spot and we now had the chance to even up the score once again.

Michelle stepped up to take the shot and made it look easy as she put the ball safely in the net. 2-2 and there was enough time to go for the win against a Tårnby side that was looking increasingly tired from the heat.

The rest of the game proved fairly uneventful. Tårnby saw more of the ball but our defense was able to keep them from being a real danger for the most part. They did have a shot go right past the post after another corner but Birita was kept from having to provide any miracles to keep us in the game.

Unfortunately we were unable to create much in the other end as well due to their physical defending.

In retrospect

All things considered the result was a fair one. Tårnby managed to punish the few mistakes we made in the game. We were unable to create a lot of chances against their physical team but yet again proved that a good defensive effort can pave the way for a good result.

The match was a good display of how well we do against physically superior teams. The Tårnby side were significantly taller and bigger than our team and yet we still won a large portion of the duels around the pitch.

With 4 games yet to play we look to have a decent shot at finishing in the top 5 of our 12-team pool. This would be a very satisfactory result for the first season back for the 7-a-side team.

Result: 2-2 (draw)
Goals: 1-1 Sandra (assist: Hansen), 2-2 Michelle (penalty)
Woman of the Match: Hansen

Thanks to every one of our spectators who braved the risk of sunburn to watch some football on this lovely day at Jens Jessens Vej!