Football Women (7) vs. Valby Bk.

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. Valby Bk.

Date: May 1st, 2014
Venue: Værkstedsvej

1-3 defeat against Fremad Valby


Birita (GK)
Darija (CD) Camilla Borg (CD)
Maiken (CM) Mia (CM) Bianca (CM)
Katie (ST)

Subs: Solveig, Julia

1st half

A good start for CBS Sport, where everyone was on their toes and ready form the first whistle.

Valby Bk. doesn’t come close to much in first half, and CBS Sport has loads of good chances. The goal comes a few minutes before half time, scored by Mia on assist from Katie.

2nd half

In second half, Valby Bk. puts a higher pressure on CBS Sport and Birita needs to pull out some good saves. CBS Sport has a bunch of great counter attacks, but unfortunately none of them that closes the deal.

A few minutes before the final whistle, Valby Bk. has a free kick around the middle of the pitch, that sails all the way into the goal. End result: 1-1.

In retrospect

Coach Jonas found that CBS Sport was clearly the better team and feels annoyed that none of the counter attacks in second half could close the match.

Everything about the match was great – except the result. And a big thanks to the supporter who made it all the way to Valby!

Finally it’s fair to mention that Bianca had a great debut on the pitch for CBS Sport. More of that!

Result: 1-1 (draw)
Goals: Mia (assist: Katie)
Woman of the Match: Mia