Football Women (7) vs. Vigerslev Bk.

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. Vigerslev Bk.
Date: 4th of October 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

On this beautiful, sunny day a bunch of supporters had found their way to Jens Jessens Vej with beer and snacks. Perfect surrounding for the following goal show!


Goal: Blok
Defense: Camilla Borg – Signe
Midfield: Nathalie – Eva – Pernille
Striker: Julie

Subs: Maiken Borg, Sidsel


The match
1-0 Camilla passes to Eva who takes a few touches and as Vigerslev’s defense stands very passive she decides to shoot with her left foot – and scores!
2-0 Nathalie shoots at goal, the GK saves, but Pernille is fast over the rebound and scores!
3-0 Eva sends Julie fast forward, and as Julie manages to drible the GK, she can easily score in an empty goal
4-0 Eva shoots a corner, short to Pernille, and after a few 1-2’s with Eva, Pernille scores from a sharp angle!
5-0 Julie steals a ball at the center of the pitch and takes it all the way. 5-0 unassisted!
(P) A corner gets cleared by a Vigerslev player’s hand and the ref rules penalty, Pernille steps up to take it, but unfortunately she misses.
6-0 Julie send a great pass to Pernille who’s run free of the opponents close to goal, and scores!
7-0 Sidsel scores on a corner from Pernille!
Half time
8-0 Sidsel sends a low ball towards goal, the GK is ready to pick it up, but Pernille sneaks in front of her and gets the ball in the net!


The aftermath

In second half Vigerslev Bk. subbed their goalkeeper to a player who seemed to have much more experience with the job – and the result had probably been much different, if she’d been in the goal the entire match. But luckily for us, she wasn’t!

Result: 8-0 (win!)
Goals: See above
Woman of the Match: Eva