Football Women (7) vs. Vigerslev

Vigerslev vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: Thursday June 13th, 2013
Venue: Vigerslevparken


Goal: Birita
Defense: Hansen – Darija
Midfield: Refvem – Birgitte – Kathrin
Striker: Lidegaard
Subs: CC, Camilla, Knudsen

1st half

It didn’t take more than 10 minutes before the first goal came; Birgitte scored nicely on an assist from Lidegaard!

Generally there were a lot of 100 percent chances, but Vigerslev’s luck and their posts were with them, and their luck even proved after 17 minutes, where Hansen had been pressuring an opponent causing her to stumble over her own legs in the penalty area. Referee ruled penalty, which they executed to the score 1-1.

Right after the goal, Lidegaard gets a high ball which she took down with her chest and sends towards goal – unfortunately right to the post and out.

Just before half time, Darija plays to Birgitte who turns nicely with the ball and sends it deep to Knudsen, who takes one drible before scoring! 2-1!

Even closer to half time, only seconds after the previous goal, Birgitte takes a solo run, dribling pass three opponent before shooting from the distance. The goalkeeper gets her hand on it, but not enough to avoid the goal: 3-1!

2nd half

At second half, Knudsen takes the goal, so that Birita could go and score some goals as well.

Ten minutes in, CC plays to Lidegaard who manages to get a toe and the ball – enough for a goal! 4-1!

A minut later Lidegaard returns the favour with a pass to CC, who scores! 5-1!

Only minutes later, sends a long ball to Lidegaard who outruns two opponents and dribles her way to the goal, where she puts it in the opposite corner of the goal – 6-1! What a match!

20 minutes in, CC shows of with a nice heel pass to Birita, but unfortunately it didn’t leed to goal..

Five minutes before final whistle, Birgitte sends a ball to Birita who scores! 7-1.

Two minutes later, Birgitte’s shot gets block by the goalkeeper, but Lidegaard is instantly on the spot and pressures hard and ends up scoring with a header! 8-1.

Seconds before final whistle CBS Sport had a corner taken by Birgitte, going right in to Darija in front of goal; 9-1!

In retrospect

What an awesome match! Vigerslev was almost literally run over! Only a – in our opinion – wrongful penalty got Vigerslev on the score board, and the rest was history!

As of now, CBS Sport is ranked number 2 out of 12 (which gives promotion) with 19 points after 9 matches.. The closest opponent in the table is FC Udfordringen with 18 points after 10 matches – an opponent we meet in our final match on the 22nd of June!

Result: 9-1 (WIN!)
Goals: 1-0 Birgitte (assist: Lidegaard), 2-1 Knudsen (assist: Birgitte), 3-1 Birgitte (unassisted), 4-1 Lidegaard (assist: CC), 5-1 CC (assist: Lidegaard), 6-1 Lidegaard (assist: CC), 7-1 Birita (assist: Birgitte), 8-1 Lidegaard (assist: Birgitte), 9-1 Darija (assist: Birgitte)
Woman of the Match: Lidegaard

See the topscorer list here.

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