Football Women – A great match

CBS Sport Football Women vs. Østerbro IF

Date: 13th of October 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

Østerbro IF was top of the serie through out the first half of the season and looked very capable of scoring goals. CBS Sport had earlier met Østerbro IF’s first team, now playing in Københavnerserien and their third team when playing in Serie 2, so we were eager to see what this ØIF team could bring and whether we would be able to play the way we wanted.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla – Hansen – Shannon – Pernille
Midfield: Palm – CC – Anne-Mette – Birgitte (C) – Darija
Striker: Monica
Subs: Nanna, Michelle, Malle

Coach Jeppe declared in the tactical speech that we should try a “flat defensive four”, since he’d seen Østerbro play a lot on their counter attacks.

1st half

CBS Sport had some great play the first 15 minutes and kept ØIF from any chances. The great play offered numerous chances, but unfortunately none of them that were executed.

ØIF slowly got a bit more into the match, and the CBS Sport defense at times found themselves covering man-man, which was not the intention. This made Birgitte fall a bit down being for defensive, which unfortunately made the play through the middle a little bit harder.

About half way through 1st half, the great play finally paid off; a great pass from Darija sailed all the way from the right side of the goal, to the left, where Palm was beautifully placed and securely scored to 1-0!

Throughout 1st half, CBS Sport had several corner kicks – as always nicely served by Birgitte – that all got VERY close.

In the other end, ØIF didn’t get any corners – or chances – until the last 15 minutes of the half where they had 2 or 3. CBS Sport managed to hold their markings and prevent any of their corners or other set pieces from getting really dangerous.

ØIF had two big chances; one was a shot from the distance that Cecilie got her one hand on so it passed the goal to a corner kick. The other chance was a very close one, where the ØIF player luckily more or less slipped on the ball and made pssoble for Pernille to jump in save the day with a beautiful tackle that got the ball out to corner.

2nd half

In half time the problem with the man-man marking in the defense and whether Birgitte should be more defensive or keep the play in the middle was discussed. Primarily Coach Jeppe asked us to make sure to communicate even more, and make sure for instance to call down the wings, when in defense, so they could be a help as well to prevent the man-man marking.

2nd half started a bit bumpy and it took 10-15 minutes before CBS Sport reestablished their good play.

ØIF had more good chances and close corner kicks, but nothing that got really dangerous.

In the other end, CBS Sport again had a bunch of good chances, and debutant Malene aka. Malle managed to serve a ball to Anne-Mette on the right side of the goal, which she just gave a shot – making the score 2-0!

This didn’t make CBS Sport fall back, but it was evident that the players was starting to be a tiny bit tired. Towards the end, ØIF got a bit closer and both the defense and Cecilie had some good clearings and saves, that proved the great defense of CBS Sport.

The match ended 2-0. VICTORY!

In retrospect

“Great game today. For long periods of time our offensive play was the best I’ve seen in any game at this level. If we’re able to build on that, we’re going to be very hard to deal with for any opponent.” – Coach Jeppe

Great debut for Malle and overall a great team effort!

Result: 2-0 (win)
Goal: 1-0 Palm (assist: Darija), 2-0 Anne-Mette (assist: Malle)
Woman of the Match: Anne-Mette, Camilla and Shannon

Due to the Fantasy Football, Coach Jeppe picked Shannon to be Woman of the Match with regards to points in the game.