Football Women defeated the Police!

CBS Sport vs. Politiet

Sunday May 16th 2010

Result: 7-3 (2-3)

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Nanna, Katrine, Signe P, Camilla B
Midfield: Darija, Birgitte, Line, Laura
Striker: Eva, Lone
Subs: Majbritt, Maiken

Woman of the Match: Lone

First half had two stupid far-out shots that just sailed over a not-at-her-best-Cecilie and a semi-free runner who just got too close to goal, but also two lovely cornerkicks where Birgitte scored on the first and shot the second on the post which bounced out to a defender who made an own goal (according to Koll)..

So down with 2-3 at half time, Coach Thomas gave a speach that convinced us that we were better than them and just had to shoot more.. And so we did!
Cecilie closed the goal together with the defense and then CBS Sport just turned the match; Eva got one goal unassisted, Birgitte got one assisted by Darija, Eva got one assisted by Darija, Eva got another one assisted by Lone and Lone got one assisted by Darija – a 7-3 WIN for CBS Sport against Serie 1’s number two!

A quite exciting match to watch and a match that shows that even though we’re down by a few goals (like the Fix-match) that doesn’t set us back.. We ROCK! 😀

Darija is gonna bring a more adequate summary asap!