Football Women vs. AB Tårnby

CBS Sport Football Women vs. AB Tårnby

Date: 6th of September 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

Coach Jeppe had managed to see some of AB Tårnby’s match against KFB and therefore knew that Tårnby had a good attacking line, but was kept away from most of their chances because of the quite physical KFB. Luckily being physical is one of CBS Sports very own skills, so we were aiming at using the quite same tactic.

Unfortunately the team was once again struck by many cancellations resulting in many players with limited or no 11-a-side experience. With only one sub it looked like a tough match – but it ended up being much worse..


In the team picked and announced Wednesday, we were 2 subs, but unfortunately Norge got sick, leaving us with only one sub. Furthermore CC was delayed, so Nanna was giving the task of taking her spot on the midfield. Nanna, who have been out with an injury for about a year and so far only had played two 7-a-side matches.

Also, the defense had a debut for Shannon – and Birgitte was moved down, which haven’t been seen since 2010! Finally Laura also had her debut on the 11-a-side team, after playing a few 7-a-sides last season.

All in all, this was the starting line-up:

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – Shannon – Birgitte (C) – Sidsel
Midfield: Laura – Nanna – Knudsen – Anne-Mette – Camilla
Striker: Julie
Subs: CC

1st half

As expected AB Tårnby started off with a high pressure and the very new defense was being tested from the first whistle. By good communication between Shannon, Birgitte and the full backs, and assistance from the midfield, CBS Sport managed to get into the match without giving too much away to Tårnby.

CBS Sport also managed to get some play up towards Tårnby’s goal and exploited our physical skills. Both Anne-Mette, Knudsen, Julie – and Laura and Camilla on the wings made sure to keep Tårnby’s defense busy at times.

Nanna did a great job on the midfield, but looked quite pleased to be moved down to the full back position when Sidsel was subbed for CC.

Shortly after the substitution, Anne-Mette got through with a good pass to Julie, who scored her very first 11-a-side goal for CBS Sport! 1-0 for CBS Sport, despite the high pressure from Tårnby!

Unfortunately it got clear quite fast, that CC had managed to get a strain in the back of her leg when running from the car to the pitch, so after playing 5-10 minutes she was in so much pain that she had to come out again. Knudsen was moved to CC’s position and Sidsel got in on the attacking midfield position.

Knowing that we were out of subs, CBS Sport focused on the easy passes and managed to keep AB Tårnby away from goal. As if higher powers were helping us, the lights suddenly went out, due to a power cut. It took about 8-10 minutes before the lights came back, which gave CBS Sport a very much needed breather.

With about 10 minutes left – after the breather – Julie managed to get through again, but managed to hit the post. But sure to say that the Tårnby defense was quite intimidated.

Throughout 1st half AB Tårnby only had two real big chances; their wing – with Brini at her tale – shooting at goal, but fortunately Cecilie got her hand on, so it went right passed the post. The second big chance was a corner kick, that bounced from Cecilie’s attempted block to Anne-Mette in front of goal, who was fast and cool – and just headed it away.

2nd half

At half time, Coach Jeppe and Coach Jonas complimented the team’s play and the great team effort we’d managed in the first half and encouraged us, to keep it up.

In second half it started to show that CBS Sport was getting worn out – but luckily AB Tårnby also started to look a bit tired.

About 20 minutes in, Camilla Borg got a free kick after being taken down, and felt her foot hurting. Despite her hamstring CC took one for the team and subbed for Camilla while the coaches had a look at the foot.

Luckily it turned out just to be the blow on the foot and Camilla was ready to sub CC after a few minutes again. Phew!

AB Tårnby had subbed their goalkeeper in the half time, and first half’s goalkeeper was now a quite dangerous winger, that managed to outrun Brini and send a ball towards goal that went centimeters passed the post.

Through the entire match CBS Sport showed a humongous bunch of team spirit and worked their behinds of for each other. It looked like the more pressure AB Tårnby put on us, the more we worked and fought for our 3 points.

With about 15 minutes to go, Sidsel ended in a Tårnby sandwich with both Tårnby players taking her legs, so she fell on her back and banged her head on the ground. Unable to see straight, Sidsel was taken to the side line and CBS Sport was forced to play the last 15 minutes only ten players. Birgitte took the free kick and was inches from getting it into goal. A 2-0 lead would have been nice, as this was about the time when the cramps started..

The last ten minutes of the match all the play was more or less on CBS Sport’s half and AB Tårnby pressured and pressured and pressured. But everytime they got close, CBS Sport managed to pressure them back, and if not – Cecilie was safe as houses and got the ball under control at first touch.

When the referee finally made the final whistle all CBS Sport players just got to their closest team mate and gave out high fives and hugs. A GREAT team effort!

In retrospect

The spectators were amazed that CBS Sport managed to win this match, given that AB Tårnby pressured at full pace almost the entire 90 minutes.

A great debut for Shannon, who did great in the defense and positioned herself great at all times, and turned out to be ambidextrous – quite useful to be able to shot with left foot when playing on the left. Laura also did great in her first 11-a-side match, running a lot on the wing and not showing that this was the first time to play a full 90 minutes match! Finally – again – the team effort was amazing; seeing everyone working and working and working was great!

Result: 1-0
Goal: Julie (assist: Anne-Mette)
Woman of the Match: Cecilie

The WoM votes

Cecilie: 6 votes
Julie and Shannon: 2 votes each
Sidsel, Nanna and Anne-Mette: 1 vote each