Football Women vs. Amager FF

Football Women vs. Amager FF

Date: 24th of April 2014
Venue: John Tranums Allé, Kastrup

Far out on Amager with the airport and freeway close, a quite rain slippery grass pitch was ready to “welcome” CBS Sport.

Coach Jeppe had to make some changes in the picked team, as AM couldn’t make it anyway, so Bea was called in – and unfortunately Andrea ended up feeling sick during the day, so the expected line-up had to be altered quite a bit:


Cecilie (GK)
Majbritt (VB) Ingrid (CD) Hansen (CD) Moni (HB)
CC (MF) Birgitte (MF) Solveig (MF)
Bea (LW) Pernille (OM) Maj (RW)
Knudsen (ST)

Subs: Knudsen, Mia

1st half

Amager FF came with high pressure, loud communication and loads of physics. Like the match against FC Damsø, CBS Sport needed some time to get into the match and luckily Amager FF couldn’t convert their impressive crosses into goals.

The majority of first half was on CBS Sport’s half and thereby the majority of the ball possesion was also on Amager FF’s feet. Furthermore CBS Sport had trouble playing on the slippery pitch and had to bite the grass at times – at least Amager FF was also falling a bit around. To add on, when CBS Sport got the ball, our first touches was terrible and thereby easy for the opponents to steal. No good.

But the further we got into first half, CBS Sport started to get a better grip on things. Amager FF’s goalkeeper got to touch the ball a few times and Pernille got called two off-sides.

At the end of first half, Amager FF had a shot from the distance that sailed in a curve towards goal – Cecilie got a fingertip on it, making it hit the bar and bounce in front of an opponent who more or less wrestled the ball in while bouncing in to Cecilie. 1-0.

At half time, Coach Jeppe pointed out that we were not physical enough and were standing to far from our direct opponent. Even though being physical is usually one of our strenghts it was obvious that when being met with the same kind of physics, we have a tendency to fall back.

Furthermore Coach Jeppe wanted better first touches, or at least an instant fight for the ball when loosing it with a bad first touch.

Finally Coach Jeppe “turned” the triangle on the midfield, so that Birgitte became an even more defensive player and thereby saving the wings for some defensive work.

2nd half

CBS Sport had to adjust to the changed midfield, but quite fast got a hang of it and got to far more and better chances.

Second half also presented the first corner kick for CBS Sport, which actually got quite dangerous, but with no pay-off.

About half way through second half Amager FF also started to look a bit tired, giving CBS Sport more room for playing – unfortunately not something CBS Sport always managed to exploit.

At the end of second half, a bad goal kick from Cecilie made it directly to an opponent, who could pass it across to a striker who shot it in the opposite corner of the goal from the corner of the box. 2-0.

In retrospect

First touches and being physical even when the opponent is physical is something that will have to improve, if we are gonna make it in Københavnersserien.

Besides the result, both Maj and Mia had great debutes on the team – nice!

Result: 2-0
WoM: Moni

Next match is on Tuesday the 29th of April against IF Føroyar at Kløvermarken. Stay tuned here on the website and on the CBS Sport Football fanpage.