Football Women vs. BK. Skjold – 1-4 defeat..

CBS Sport vs. BK. Skjold

Tuesday May 4th 2010

Result: 1-4

Attending: Cecilie, Majbritt, Signe P, Katrine, Signe B, CC, Birgitte, Line, Darija, Eva, AC, Nanna, Tine and Birita

Goal: Darija (assist by Eva)

Woman of the Match: Katrine

The match ended 1-4, so a defeat to CBS Sport. Our one goal was made by Darija, by an assist from Eva. And the pitch had about 6 spots where you could see that there’d been a fire (this was only 3 days after 1st of May, which is celebrated in Fælledparken, where we played the game), capsules and other obstructions..

Darija is gonna bring a proper summary soon, so this is just an appetizer!