Football Women vs. Bk. Skjold

Bk. Skjold vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 5th of May 2013
Venue: Fælledparken

After last match against Nørrebro United, CBS Sport’s primary goal was to get some of all those goals that we felt were owed.

The match was played against Bk. Skjold, in Fælledparken – just after the big 1st of May celebration (International Worker’s Day), so we feared a very bad pitch filled with capsules and glass, but fortunately it wasn’t that bad. But still we were playing on a grass pitch with the almost compulsory holes, making it more or less impossible to play the ball along the ground.

Last time we met Bk. Skjold, they got 1-1 on a stupid corner in the end of 1st half, so this was the time to prove our worth.

Coach Jeppe had 19 signed up for the 11-a-side match and was able to set the absolute strongest starting 11, with an equally strong bench.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Signe – Brunsgaard – B – Darija
Midfield: Anne-Mette – Birgitte (C) – Knudsen – Birita – Kathrin
Striker: Sarah
Subs: Lidegaard, Hansen, CC

1st half

During the first 10-15 minutes of 1st half CBS Sport put the pressure very high and Bk. Skjold didn’t get to anything. CBS Sport had great play and great chances, but just didn’t get that last touch.

Further on in the 1st half, Bk. Skjold got a little bit more play, but nothing that got really dangerous, and the match was about 30 minutes in before Cecilie touched the ball the first time.

The only time Bk. Skjold got an actual chance was when a high ball had direction towards CBS Sport’s goal – Vice Captain B shouted “It’s gonna diiiive!”, and fortunately Cecilie positioned herself correct and was able to – unfortunately not catch it, but – block it, leaving it to an opponent who couldn’t make any of it and seconds later Cecilie had thrown herself at the ball securing it at the feet of another opponent. Attack prevented.

1st half didn’t offer any goals, but that was about to change..

2nd half

CBS Sport started with high pressure again, and this time it paid of: in the 46th minute Lidegaard dribled two opponents and played it forward to Sarah, who somehow gave it to an opponent and psyked her to score an own goal: 1-0 for CBS Sport!

A few minutes later, Bk. Skjold had a good run towards goal, but Brunsgaard managed to make a lovely tackle in the penalty area, giving the ball to Cecilie who could start a counter attack right away. Sarah exploited that well, played Lide a ball towards goal, which Lide dribled pass the goalkeeper and safe into the net. 2-0!

2nd half also had an interference never seen before: A cyclist who decided to bike right down the left side of the pitch, about 5 meters in. To the cyclist’s defense, the International Worker’s Day had left some of the grass in a different colour that could make an inattentive cyclist think that it was a path. But despite several shouts to get the cyclist of the pitch, the cyclist just continued and biked the entire pitch from by-line to by-line.

Later on CBS Sport got another goal, when Signe took a great throw in, that ended by Birgitte, who could make a cross, which Sarah scored on safely! 3-0.

Bk. Skjold still believed in being able to turn it around, but CBS Sport still standed strong and only in smaller frequences let Bk. Skjold get any play.

At the end of 2nd half, Bk. Skjold started to lower their expectations to “just one goal, girls!” – but not even that was possible; CBS Sport was determined for a clean sheet. Which we got!

The match ended 3-0, and another win for CBS Sport.

In retrospect

Coach Jeppe was very happy to see some of the good play pay off in some goals! Of course the crappy pitch made it impossible to play our normal football along the ground, but we managed to adjust our play accordingly.

Truly a great match, and a big thanks to all the awesome and good-looking supporters enjoying lovely football and nice weather!

Result: 3-0
Goal: 1-0 Own goal (assist: Sarah), 2-0 Lidegaard (assist: Sarah), 3-0 Sarah (assist: Birgitte)
Woman of the Match: Sarah