Football Women vs. FC Damsø

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. FC Damsø
Date: 20th of September 2014
Venue: Vanløse IP

After – what Coach Jeppe called – a decent performance against Tårnby FF, a win was crucial to get up in the ranking where the team belonged.

Due to postponed matches, CBS Sport is way behind the others with regards to played matches, which gives a quite unfair picture of the situation, but nonetheless, CBS Sport has nothing to do in the bottom of the table.

Last match against FC Damsø, was the first match ever in Københavnerserien, where both Andrea and Pernille scored – on the other hand, FC Damsø also scored two goals ending the match in a tie.


The squad for the match gave room for a debute for Kathrine on the team.

Subs: Hansen, Ditte, Kathrine

1st half

After last match’s horrible first ten minutes, the team was determined to be focused from the beginning and it worked! However, after the first ten minutes good play, CBS Sport seemed to fall back a bit and allowing FC Damsø to be in the way; slow passes, bad decisions and so on opened the match up for FC Damsø who soon were pressuring.

Generally the ref were quite fast with his free kick rulings – which also alloved FC Damsø to get close to scoring.

At a point, a Damsø player had strayed in to the penalty box with Birgitte close to her, fighting for the ball. Birgitte managed to go for a tackle once, that didn’t work – but got loud protests from the Damsø bench, who pleaded for penalty – and when she went for another tackle on the edge of the box, the referee decided to grant the penalty. Birgitte argued that she didn’t abrupted a chance of scoring, but the referee ruled the penalty upon “obstructions” (“benspænd”).

What looked like a bit of an argue about who was to take the penalty, ended with the player being tackled, taking the shot. Although Cecilie went to right side, she obviously didn’t trust herself enough, as her jump looked hesitating and didn’t get far enough to take the ball. 1-0 for FC Damsø..

Determined to show their worth, CBS Sport kept on fighting for the goal and only minutes later, a great pass from Pernille ended at the feet of Kiri in front of goal, who without hesitation scored! Unfortunately the ref decided to rule off-side and thereby no goal. All players around her did however see a Damsø player standing right next to her – but we guess the ref didn’t see..

2nd half

In half time, Coach Jeppe asked for more play up through Damsø’s chains, instead of long balls that didn’t go anywhere – and urged to think of the practices with angles and nice 1-2-plays. As Damsø was ahead with one goal, Coach Jeppe expected them to just stand their ground and let the CBS Sport defense build up the play.

As 2nd half was on, CBS Sport tried to do the smart passes and thereby get the play up on the fun half of the pitch. Damsø did however manage to thwart the tactic, which ended up frustrating CBS Sport and do more of the long passes resulting in very little.

FC Damsø had a good chance at the end of second half, where a player had Hansen at her tail and Cecilie coming out of the goal – fortunately the pressure and the bad angle made her shot right passed the goal.

The aftermath

It seemed like the team managed to play the ball round in the defense, but getting the ball further up was quite a struggle – and whenever it got further up, the team wasn’t good enough to pressure the entire play up as well.

The penalty was of course annoying and unneccesary, but given the lack of good chances (despite the one off-side goal), the match could just as well have ended 0-0.

A good thing though, was that we managed to be ready from kick-off and not spending the first 10 minutes on getting in to the match. Furthermore the 7-a-side team managed to take down FC Ø with 3-0.. That was good news on a bad day!

Result: 0-1 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Ingrid