Football Women vs. GVI

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. GVI
Date: 12th of October 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

Kiri managed to get sick and Ingrid’s old-old body was probably not gonna endure for a whole match, but fortunately Sidsel was able to step in with an hour notice and bring us up at a full 14 squad:

Subs: Sidsel, Nathalie, Cirkeline
The match

After 15 minutes of play and several big chances, Pernille gets CBS Sport in the lead 1-0 on an assist from Ingrid!
A set piece was sent over the two centre halves of GVI, controlled by Pernille with her chest, and volleyed with great power into the top of the net. A real contender for goal of the season.

Rest of first half continues with CBS Sport in charge, first ever chance GVI gets is a corner at the end of 1st half, where agreements are not in place when GVI get on the loose ball and manage to score. 1-1.

Second half started a bit uneasy, but after only ten minutes a great pressure from CBS Sport managed GVI to make a huge own goal that hit the inside of the goal and bounced out again. The supporters were ecstatic! The ref however heard a GVI player closeby claim the ball to have hit the top bar and he decided to go with that. Even though another GVI player seconds later came clean and told the ref that there was a goal, he wouldn’t rule the goal.

“Pludselig blev vi dog ramt af en sådan (omstilling, red.), men vi kom på tværs og fik clearet i sidste øjeblik, nogle vil mene at bolden ramte ind i målet, specielt modstanderen, men fløjten var tavs og vi spillede videre.” – from the GVI summary

This lack of a 2-1 lead got CBS Sport truly frustrated and might have given GVI the room for getting closer to goal, and right outside the box the GVI player sent a half volley into the net. GVI in the lead 2-1.

To make things worse. GVI managed to score another goal as a bad pass from Cecilie to Marie was stolen by a GVI player who then managed to take the trip from the middle to the edge of the box and score. 1-3.


The aftermath

Result: 1-3 (defeat)
Goal: 1-0 Pernille (assist: Ingrid)
Woman of the Match: Marie and Kathrine

Read the summary from GVI (in Danish) here.


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