Football Women vs. IF Føroyar

IF Føroyar vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 29th of April 2014
Venue: Kløvermarken

With an opponent placed in the very bottom with 0 points, CBS Sport was hoping to wipe off the aweful stains from the disaster in the cup match. The sun was high and the match was played on artificial grass – all the right conditions for a CBS Sport victory!


Cecilie (GK)
Majbritt (VB) Michelle (CD) Hansen (CD) Moni (HB)
Anne-Mette (CM) Birgitte (CM)
Monica (WL) Andrea (AM) CC (WR)
Kiri (ST)

Subs: Bea, Frandsen, Malle

The match

’37: After at corner kick, IF Føroyar gets the ball to the left corner of the goal where Cecilie only manages to get a foot on it, and it bounces on the inside of the post and into the goal..
’41: Moni gets a perfect pass from Michelle, and send an equally perfect pass on to Kiri who from the right side of the box send a long shot in the furthers corner! 1-1!
Half time:
’48: Only a few minutes into second half. IF Føroyar scores on another set piece. Cecilie this time has a hand on the ball and almost manages to get another hand on, but unfortunately the ball goes in. Quite a shock start for CBS Sport, who were eager to turn things around.
’51: The shock clearly doesn’t wear off, as IF Føroyar within minutes manages to get a deep ball trhough the defensive line. Both Majbritt and Michelle is at the opponents tail, but Cecilie decides to run for it – and misses the ball, which runs nice and easily into the goal. 3-1.
’54: Fortunately CBS Sport doesn’t give up and a few minutes later, Kiri gets a another chance on the distance after being moved to the wing position; and scores!
’61: Another deep ball finds it way through the defense and again Cecilie found herself unable to handle it. 4-2.
’71: A corner kick gets somewhat cleared in front of goal, but somehow CC got injured in the situation and her shout of pain threw her worried team mates a bit off, and IF Føroyar exploits it and scores.
’74: CBS Sport clearly showed in this match, that they do not surrender; After a corner kick, AM fights the ball to Bea who manages to curl the ball into the net masks! 5-3.
’79: Unfortunately IF Føroyar didn’t fall back either, and another deep ball made it’s way to CBS Sport’s goal. The end result: 6-3

In retrospect

Coach Jeppe had a few things; being more physical, get used to the higher pace and be ready to defend at any time! Besides that he complimented the offensive play – so at least there were some good stuff 🙂

A BIG thanks to all the supporters who showed up in the great weather – our apologies for not delievering a win..

Result: 6-3 (defeat)
Goals: 1-1 Kiri (assist: Moni), 3-2 Kiri (assist: Birgitte), 5-3 Bea (assist: AM)
Woman of the match: Kiri

Next match is on Sunday the 4th of May at Jens Jessens Vej against Tårnby FF who’ve only played a 9-1 victory match against GVI – but rumour has it, that they’ll be a tough opponent, so we of course hope for a lot of support! Stay tuned here on the website and on the CBS Sport Football fanpage.