Football Women vs. KFB

KFB vs. CBS Sport Football Women
Date: 2nd of June, 2014
Venue: Kløvermarken

CBS Sport and KFB have the last two seasons travelled alongside from Serie 2 in the spring, Serie 1 in the fall and now KS. Each season KFB has JUST taken the 1st place from CBS Sport, in Serie 2 just in terms of goal difference and in Serie 1 with two points..

The two teams knew each other well, and calculations showed, that if CBS Sport took home a victory, we’d still be in the running for promotion and able to steal the promotion from KFB if they were to loose their last match as well.

1st half

CBS Sport started of being pressured directly by KFB. Fortunately KFB’s finishes were poor, giving CBS Sport a chance to work their way into the match.

Twenty minutes in, Cecilie manages to get herself a yellow card after commiting a free kick just outside the penalty area on a free KFB player going straight for goal. During Cecilie’s 10 minutes supension, Birita was subbed into the goal position for Malle.

CBS Sport manages to play very well during the period of only being 10 players, keeping KFB away from the goal (good job, Birita!) and even creating some play towards KFB’s goal.

Only five minutes after Cecilie’s supension was over and CBS Sport was back into formation, KFB send a long ball towards goal and a misplaced Cecilie can just watch the ball dive into the goal just behind her.. 1-0.

And then everything happens really fast; A corner kick is not cleared and the big mess following ends up with the ball in the net. 2-0. A minute later Majbritt gets passed by an opponent and Cecilie tries to go for the ball, but the opponent manages to get her shot towards goal – at the goal both Ingrid, Hansen and Birita is standing ready to clear, but unfortunately the ball hits Birita’s shin, getting her on the score board with an own goal. 3-0.
2nd half

Second half is only 5-10 minutes old when a breakaway on the left side ends up with a shot on Cecilie, who saves but the rebound goes towards goal where Ingrid is unable to prevent the ball from going in. To make things worse, Cecilie manages to sprain her ankle while running to Ingrid, making her more and more unable to do goal kicks and play freely.

Only minutes to the final whistle KFB outruns the defensive line and manages to shot before Cecilie got into position. 5-0, which was also the final result.

CBS Sport did create chances throughout the match, but none of the finishes did really test the KFB keeper (even though, rumour has it, that she was voted Woman of the Match – maybe because she’s not the usual keeper) – frustrating, but just the more reason to convince Coach Jeppe on some more practice on finishing.
In retrospect

It was a deserved victory for KFB, but it hurts, that most of their goals are caused by personal mistakes. KFB is now certain of promotion to KvindeSerie Øst and we congratulate them and look forward to see whether they’ll do well or return to KS. Read their summary of the match here.

With only one match left it is obvious that KS have been tough on us, but we can comfort ourselves with the fact that due to two clubs pulling their teams, we can classify this season as the “test season” and hope that we’ve all learned some and are ready to step it up for the next season in KS.

One good thing though, was that our cool 7-a-side team could report a 5-2 victory against Bk. Fix. Yay!

Result: 5-0 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Mia

Find the live updates from the match on the facebook page here and on DBU here, thanks Teis and Jens!

Next match is Friday the 13th on home pitch (JJV) against AB Tårnby who kicked our a** in the cup tournament – we know from the Tårnby FF match that we CAN win these matches if we play our best, but given the thin attendancy, we are a bit reliant on miracles (like the match against them last season) and great support from the spectators! We promise to do our very best to end this season of with our heads high!