Football Women vs. KFUM

KFUM vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 20th of April 2013
Venue: Emdrupparken

CBS Sport had only met KFUM two times before – first in a Cup Match which ended 2-1 in KFUM’s favour in the dying minutes and a tournament match where CBS Sport was run over with 4-0. But these to matches was in 2011, so we were eager to see how this match would be.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Brini – B (C) – Brunsgaard – Hansen
Midfield: CC – Birgitte – Anne-Mette – Birita – Kathrin
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: Lidegaard, Cat, Camilla

1st half

KFUM put pressure on from the first whistle, but the defense was positioned strong with help from the midfield. Unfortunately Knudsen had to be subbed early due to an old injury that started to bother her, and Lidegaard was sent on the pitch, doing a lot of running on the top.

Ball position in first half was probably 60/40 in KFUM’s favour, but still the KFUM goalkeeper touched the ball more than goalkeeper Cecilie. KFUM had some chances, but the goal came in the end of the half, where the KFUM goalkeeper kicked out a ball; B saw her chance, gave it hell of a kick and it sailed all the way towards goal, over a puzzled goalkeeper who didn’t understand what was going on, until it was too late – the ball went straight to goal. 1-0 to CBS Sport!

2nd half

Again KFUM put pressure on, but CBS Sport held on tight. KFUM chances were getting more and more dangerous – at least two chances got saved by the posts, and goalkeeper Cecilie got to make a quite hard tackle just outside the box, making KFUMs no. 7 biting the grass.

CBS Sport had some great play and lovely looking chances on KFUM’s goal, but unfortunately nothing that paid off.

In the dying minutes of the 2nd half, KFUM had a situation in front of the CBS Sport goal, where both Birgitte and B went to clear the ball – unfortunately Birgitte ended up getting it on her thigh, going up to her hand which she was holding close to her chest. Referee ruled penalty kick and goalkeeper Cecilie took the wrong side. 1-1.

After the goal, KFUM but a lot of pressure on – for about 30 seconds, and then CBS Sport was the one pressuring, but not enough to change the score. Referee blew the whistle and the end score was 1-1.

In retrospect

KFUM had a lot of the play in this match, and the fact that the match ended 1-1, quite well mirrored the match – but of course it was still bitter for CBS Sport to have held the score for almost an entire half and then blow it. But we got the one point and are still in the lead of our Serie.

Result: 1-1
Goal: B (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Anne-Mette and B