Football Women vs. Nørrebro United

BS Sport Football Women vs. Nørrebro United

Date: 28th of April 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

CBS Sport had only met Nørrebro United as a 7-a-side team, so it was going to be interesting to see what they could bring as an 11-a-side team. The morning was truly glorious; sun was shining and only a minor breeze showed up once in a while – perfect!

CBS Sport had a few cancellations, forcing Coach Jeppe to rethink a bit.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Hansen – Signe – Darija – Camilla
Midfield: Michelle – Birgitte (C) – Knudsen – Birita – Ingrid
Striker: Sarah
Subs: B, Lisa, Julie

1st half

CBS Sport put the pressure high from the start, which instantly paid off in a few good chances. One of them seemed to give the Nørrebro goalkeeper some difficulties, so she was subbed after only about 10 minutes. CBS Sport was expecting this to make things very interesting, but the new goalkeeper wasn’t giving anything away and even though CBS Sport continued with high pressure and what felt like a thousands chances, it took until the 35th minute before Sarahs eminent running paid of; she got the ball and made a pass to Birgitte giving her a brilliant one-on-one with the goalkeeper, which she nicely exploited to 1-0.

The half continued with high pressure and great chances from CBS Sport and Nørrebro not really getting close to anything dangerous. At the very end of the half Birita had a great shot at the goal heading for the upper right corner in the goal, but one of the Nørrebro players decided to prevent that by putting her hands on it. Usually this would result in a red card, but the referee decided to let her off with a yellow card and 10 minutes expulsion.

2nd half

CBS Sport continued, and within the first 3 minutes Birgitte had already had two shots from the distance – unfortunately both nicely saved by the goalkeeper.

Throughout the match the referee wasn’t hesitating with ruling free kicks to Nørrebro and forgetting CBS Sport – i.e. Ingrid was taken down at the edge of the penalty area resulting in.. nothing. In the entire match CBS Sport got two free kicks and Nørrebro got 10-15 – in our opinion mostly undeserved.

The match continued with the majority of the play towards the goal of Nørrebro. Whenever Nørrebro got something towards CBS Sport’s goal, the defense stopped it promptly, especially with Darija’s great sweeper work. And if that wasn’t enough all of the CBS Sport defense managed to participate in various attacks; Signe took several good runs up the line, Darija took a drible passed three midfield players and went for goal, B was as always being dangeous in the air at corners and Hansen also had some good runs up on Nørrebro’s half.

Even though the statistics of shots on target would be something like 25-3 to CBS Sport, the match only ended 1-0 to CBS Sport.

In retrospect

Coach Jeppe was thrilled that we had so many finishes – probably more finishes in this match, than in the entire season last year! But of course we have to be able to make it count and get it in!

Result: 1-0
Goal: Birgitte (assist: Sarah)
Woman of the Match: Darija