Football Women vs. Østerbro IF

CBS Sport Football Women vs. Østerbro IF

On Sunday the 24th of February CBS Sport Women Football had their very first 11-a-side match in 2013, in order to prepare for the Spring Season.

Last time we met a team from Østerbro IF was in October last year in Serie 1, where we took a 1-0 defeat after being pressured more or less 100 percent of the match. We hoped for the same team – who ended no. 1 in Serie 1 – but given all the last-minute cancellations and injuries we got, it was probably a good thing that it was their Serie 2 team that showed up.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Norge – Hansen – Brunsgaard – Birita
Midfield: Cat – CC – Birgitte – Kathrin
Striker: Lidegaard – Knudsen
Sub: Majbritt

Since it was a practice match, we were aiming at as many subs as possible, and on the days up to the match it looked like we were 15 players – not perfect, but almost. We ended up with 12 players and due to injuries we ended up playing part of the match with only 9 players.

1st half

Despite the fact being only 12 players, the spirit was high and we were eager to get out and play our very first 11-a-side match in a long time (Birgitte aside who played a winter tournament match with the guys). The match also started very well and the entire first half, the play looked very promising. Kathrin had some great runs up the pitch, Lidegaard had a tremendous chance going just passed the goal, CC also took a great run, that the ref unfortunately ruled off-side on – but still. Defense worked great with Hansen being the general and Brunsgaard being ready to be the speedy sweeper when needed and Cecilie even had a save out in full lenght!

Unfortunately Kathrin had to go out in first half, due to pain in her knee. Fortunately she was able to play again, when Knudsen got a strain in her thigh. So at this point we already looked a bit pressured on our number of players – and no goals were scored yet.

2nd half

In second half Østerbro IF scored their first goal after a corner kick that wasn’t cleared properly and allowed an opponent all of a sudden to score from the edge of the box. A nice goal hitting the “roof” of the goal and leaving Cecilie chanceless. 1-0 to Østerbro IF.

The second goal by Østerbro IF was some classic 1-2 play, that was put in beyond Cecilie’s reach. Short after the goal Birita had to leave the pitch, due to her terrible knee, which is just not capable of 90 minutes of playing. So now CBS Sport was down to 10 players.

After the second goal, CBS Sport was determined to get on the scoreboard. Lidegaard took a good move up the pitch, passed it to Birgitte who was in position and sent it to the goal from the distance! Lovely! The score was now 2-1 and things didn’t look that bad.

With about 10 minutes left, Cat had to give up on her knee that had gotten a bit bruised, leaving CBS Sport with 9 players on the pitch. Unfortunately Østerbro IF took advantage of us being outnumbered, and at a situation in front of goal, the CBS Sport defense wasn’t able to cover like they would usually do, leaving an opponent free in front of the goal. 3-1 to Østerbro IF.

Even though second half seemed terrible, CBS Sport still had some very great play, good communication, good saves from the keeper (especially a save of a goal from the distance – again in full length (tv save!) and a one-on-one at the end of the match), good pressure, a few chances and a great goal!

In retrospect

Both players and coaches agreed that it was a good match and both shape and our play doesn’t look bad at all! Next 11-a-side practice match is on Sunday against Bk. Heimdal, and we’re looking forward to more subs and hopefully a win!

Result: 3-1 (defeat)
Goal: Birgitte (assist: Lidegaard)
Woman of the Match: Cecilie