Football Women vs. Tårnby FF

CBS Sport Football Women vs. Tårnby FF

Date: 4th of May 2014
Venue: JJV

1-3 defeat against Fremad Valby


Cecilie (GK)
Majbritt (LB) Hansen (CD) Michelle (CD) Moni (RB)
Anne-Me (CM) Birgitte (CM)
CC (LW) Andrea (AM) Monica (RW)

Subs: Bea, Malle, Darija

1st half

First half featured good play from both teams.

Tårnby FF got close a couple of times, but only one chance got really close; a striker managed to burst through the defensive line with the ball, and with Michelle on her tail she decided to finish on the edge of the box. Fortunately Cecilie was all out in her face, making the goal small for her angle, and the ball ended just passed the far post. Besides that there was some good shots from Tårnby including a header after corner, but all chances were either cleared by the defense or by Cecilie.

In the other end CBS Sport was building up great attacks, but none of them becoming close enough. About half way through first half, Birgitte sent a good, long pass for Bea who reached the ball the very same second as the goalkeeper came to hug the ball – unfortunately that meant what looked like severe pain for the goalkeeper and a stop in the play for about 5-10 minutes. A breather that seemed needed for all the players on the pitch and giving flashbacks to another good match against a Tårnby team.

First half ended without any goals.

2nd half

Second half started well, but CBS Sport looking a bit on their heels. Tårnby FF looked as if they were getting a bit closer – but a save from Cecilie after great pressure from Michelle, ended in a rather perfect goal kick, that ended all the way down by Tårnby FF’s goalkeeper who was indecisive on whether to run for it or wait for it – meanwhile Kiri had gone for it, and when the goalkeeper decided to kick the ball it made a weird backspin ending at the feet of Kiri and a defender right next to the goal, where Kiri won the ball and scored! The team and the supporters were going wild! A very deserved lead! 1-0.

Even though the goal could get CBS Sport to fall back a bit, that wasn’t the case. The good play kept on, and CBS Sport kept creating chances, including great corners and free kicks from Birgitte.

Tårnby FF also got close in second half – the closest being another run-through striker with Michelle on her tail, and when reaching the penalty box the striker decided to go to the side were Michelle was, possibly in an attempt to get a penalty; Michelle took her down, fortunately while reaching the ball and Cecilie could easily pick the ball up and the ref ruled no penalty. Which was clearly frustrating the striker and the entire Tårnby FF team.

Second half ended with a corner kick from Tårnby FF, that – despite some stress and people not being in position – ended in nothing and the ref blew the final whistle!

In retrospect

Coach Jeppe was very pleased with the play all over the pitch! As he said it looked like the first match this year where we’ve all worked for each other and played the football we want to play.

Thank you to all the awesome supporters who made all the right “uuuh”‘s and “oooohh”‘s when our players made brilliant moves and cheered the team all the way to the victory! Always a pleasure to play on home pitch! Also, see the DBU Livescore from the match, which Teis reported in.

Result: 1-0 (win!)
Goal: Kiri (assist: Cecilie)
Woman of the Match: Cecilie

Next match is on Wednesday the 13th of May – Cup Match against AB Tårnby away at Vestamager. Stay tuned here on the website and on the CBS Sport Football fanpage.