Football Women won against FC Nyhavn

CBS Sport Football Women vs. FC Nyhavn

Sunday June 20 2010

Result; 4-1 (4-0)


Goal: Cecilie
Defence: Majbritt, Lone, Hansen, Camilla
Midfield: Maiken, Birgitte, CC, Nanna
Attacker: Astrid, Darija
Subs: Tine, Louise

Goals: Darija (on assist from Astrid), Astrid (on assist from Darija), Darija (on assist from Nanna) and Maiken (on assist from either Darija or an opponent)

Woman of the Match; Camilla and Lone (tie)

The match

The day after CBS Sport Summer Party, a lot of the girls were a tiny bit hungover – and some still drunk 😛 But yet again it turned out, that CBS Sport is able to play pretty well with alcohol in the veines.. Kinda scary..

The match ended 4-1 – a victory for CBS..! First goal came almost right away, when Darija scored on assist from Astrid.. Only a few minutes later, CBS Sport was on fire again, and this time it was the other way around; Astrid scoring on assist from Darija – which of course resulted in the fabulous acrobatics that Astrid does so well 😀 Third goal was Darija on assist from Nanna and fourth goal was Maiken well placed in front of the goal, when the ball came directly to her.. It’s a bit unsure whether it was on assist from Darija or on assist from one of the opponents.. In the dying minutes of the match, Astrid was headed for goal but all of a sudden got a very painful fiber rupture in her thigh and had to leave the pitch..

For once it turned out to be first half that was our best, because second half only had one goal – to the opponent.. No clean sheet this time either.. The goal was (as usual..) a stupid one, where Cecilie went out to get the ball, but only got her fingertips on it, so the opponent managed to get the ball passed on to a striker right in front of the empty goal.. Bummer! But CBS Sport had a lot of good-looking chances during second half and all in all played super, despite all the alcohol that was consumed a few hours earlier 😉