Football Women’s Pre-Season

CBS Sport Football Women’s 11-a-side team had their first season in Københavnersserien last season and found themselves more physical under pressure than in Serie 1 – this among others made Coach Jeppe find some tougher opponents for the pre-season of Fall 2014.

As Coach Jeppe sums up, he had the pleasure of 27 different players in four matches within 12 days. Three different goalkeepers, good comebacks for Signe and Nathalie, together with nice play from new players Amanda, Sidsel S., Marie, Mai, Caroline and Rikke made it a good pre-season and if the proven good play continues, Københavnersserien should expect some good matches.

Taastrup FC vs. CBS Sport

August 14th, 2014

Result: 7-0

Goal: Blok
Defense: Rikke, Birgitte (C), Hansen, Majbritt
Midfield: Bianca, Chris, Mia, AM, Pernille
Striker: Katie

Subs: Solveig, Marie, Mai

Taastrup FC played with their U19 Elite, meaning fast running ladies, that despite their age were able to play physical as well.

A few of the goals were defensive mistakes, but generally it was a good match reminding us all that season start is around the corner and it’s time to get the pace up!

FA København vs. CBS Sport

August 17th, 2014

Result: 4-1

Goal: Nanna
Defense: Camilla, Majbritt, Hansen, Ditte
Midfield: Pernille, Chris, Birgitte (C), Marie, Katie
Striker: Julie

Subs: Sidsel S., Nathalie, Maiken

FA København plays in Serie 1 and managed to exploit all their chances (except a penalty which was nicely saved by Nanna) whereas CBS Sport – among other chances – had 3 or 4 chances alone with the goalkeeper, that wasn’t executed.

Goal: Katie (assist: Sidsel S.)

Rødovre Bk. vs. CBS Sport

August 19th, 2014

Result: 4-0

Goal: Nanna
Defense: Camilla, Rikke, Hansen, Maiken
Midfield: Knudsen, AM, Birgitte (C), Nathalie, Mia
Striker: Julie

Subs: Signe, Birita

Rødovre plays in Serie 1, but as a special treat, they’d brought along 3 or 4 players from their highest ranked team (1. division – 2nd highest league) – so the match was definitely a tough, physical match.

Due to cancellations and injuries second half was played with 10 CBS Sport players and no subs, so all in all a very decent result! As Coach Jeppe said: “I’m always happy when I see a team effort, despite the difficult circumstances.”

FB vs. CBS Sport

August 25th, 2014

Result: 2-0 (1-0)

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Rikke, Majbritt, Birgitte (C), Hansen
Midfield: Chris, Mia, Marie, AM, Amanda
Striker: Pernille

Subs: Sidsel S., Caroline

FB plays in KvindeSerie Øst (3rd highest league) and was expected to play around us, but we managed to keep them away from chances and even managed to create some good chances for ourselves.