Growth pool

Guidelines for Growth Pool

The Board of Directors of CBS Sport has decided to establish a ‘Growth Pool’, where the aim is to provide our sports the financial support to help make large investments necessary to build their organization.

The creation of the Growth Pool is an annual amount. The replenishment of the Pool (that is, the repetition for the following year) is subject to the decision of the Board of Directors of CBS Sport, which will depend on the finances of the club, the amount spent from the Pool during the past year, and the foreseeable investment requirements in the club.

Given the level of investment that will warrant an application to the Growth Pool, the Board of Directors will all be part of the decision-making body that decides on the distribution of the Growth Pool. All application processes are aimed to be collaborative between the Board of Directors and the applying Sports Responsible, thereby ensuring alignment on the understood strategy of the club and the proposed direction of the sport, subject to this strategy.

For 2017, the Growth Pool consists of DKK 30,000.

 Who can I apply?

The Growth Pool is only to support strategic investments in individual sports and therefore can only be applied for by the Sports Responsible of each sport within CBS Sport.

Any applications received from others than the Sports Responsible will not be considered.

How do I apply?

How do I apply?
If a Sports Responsible is interested in applying for a financial contribution from the Growth Pool, the Sports Responsible has to send his/her application to the Cashier of the club at

What can I apply for?

The Sports Responsible can apply for any growth investment purpose and amount, although the purpose of ‘growth investment’ is understood to mean large, strategic investments, educational courses and licenses, or coach remuneration. All grants are awarded at Board’s leisure and subject to the underlying strategy of the club as set by the Board. It is therefore advised to begin a dialogue with the Board on the proposed investment such that it is both deemed in line with the overall strategy and a prudent investment in the club.

What will the grant cover?

Any grants from the Growth Pool will cover the areas set forth in the application from the Sports Responsible and is subject to the considerations of the Board. However, it is generally understood to predominantly cover larger single investments and not many small investments that could be covered individually by the finances of the individual sport.

When can I apply?

Applications may be sent during the whole year and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis at the forthcoming Board meeting, provided the application has been sent to the Cashier not later than 14 days before the next Board meeting. If the application is received later than 14 days prior to the next Board meeting, the application will be reviewed at the Board meeting after that.

Content of the application

Please include the following information in your application:

  • Name
  • Sport
  • Contact details
  • Situational description (overarching understanding of the status of the sport)
  • Detailed description of the funding requirement (how much are you seeking? What are you seeking it for?)
  • Purpose of seeking financial support from the Growth Pool (why are you seeking funding / what will the funding bring?)
  • Information on previous investments made towards current application (what has the sport done on its own before seeking this aid?)
  • Information on the strategy of the sport, including the vision for at least the next 2 years, and how the funding requirement will support this journey
  • Budget for application, including required payment dates (if applicable), proposed time horizon, and any milestones for the payment of the application if relevant

Contact information

Applications or questions regarding the Growth Pool should be directed to the Cashier at

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