Interview with Mathias Omø Sørensen

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So, in this edition we caught up with CBS Sport Handball player Mathias Omø Sørensen:

So, how long have you been playing handball?

Well, I’ve been playing handball for about 12-14 years, but I’ve also been playing a lot of football. The first 6-8 years of my handball career was in a small club out on the countryside, but later on I moved to a bigger and more serious club; Mørkøv KFUM. Here I played for 4 years and tried the East division and Elite AA, so that was on a high level. Then I started in CBS Sport Handball and have been here for the last year, as a left wing, same as in my former clubs.

And the football?

Regarding football, I also started in a small club and then moved to Jyderup Boldklub as keeper on the second team and reserve goalkeeper on the first team, which won bronze at the Zealand Cup (Sjællandsmesterskaberne).

How come you started in CBS Sport?

Two reasons; Of course the sport, as handball (and football) always has been prioritized high in my life. And of course the social part of CBS Sport. As a newcomer I really enjoy the social life in CBS Sport!

And you are planning on staying?

Definitely! Wouldn’t miss out on the sport, beers with the guys and all the other social stuff!

How come we didn’t see you at the CBS Sport Summer Party?

Argh, I had to go to a birthday party (75 years) with sleepover and everything, so I couldn’t come..

Bummer.. But then, what’s your best experience with CBS Sport?

Unfortunately I haven’t been to any of the big social events (yet), but just the team spirit and good moral on the handball team is a great experience in itself.

Who’s your favorite player or favorite team (in your sport)?

FCK is my team in every possible way. Both the handball team, but especially the football team! In football my favorite players are Jesper Christiansen, probably because of my own past as a goalkeeper, and besides him Vingaard has to be mentioned.

When it comes to handball Bojana Popovic is in a league of her own, while Anja Andersen always has been the childhood handball idol. Of the Danish handball men, it would have to be Lars Christiansen.

Lastly, how about CBS Sport Challenge, are you going to participate?

Well, last year, I really wanted to, but couldn’t gather a team.

So if I tell you, that there’s going to be a new CBS Sport Challenge on the 1st of October 2010, are you game then?

I am definitely game! Bring it on!

Who’s gonna win the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Spain, Argentina or Brazil.