Kongelems won the CBS Sport Football League

Three months ago, from the 20th of April to the 3rd of June CBS Sport held a 6-a-side tournament. More than 60 students from Copenhagen Business School participated in the event.

Group stage

Initially the tournament started with a group stage, where the teams was divided into two groups, with four teams in each group. In Group A, Be Polite FC and DØK advanced while Joga Bonita and FC Fazu was sent out of the tournament.

In Group B, Kongelems was victorious by winning the group stage, while EMF was runner up. CBS Sport did surprisingly not advance and were sent out along with BADS.

The semifinals

In the semi-finals Kongelems played against DØK. The match ended 2-1, and Kongelems were ready for the final. In the second semi-final Be Polite FC won against EMF FC 7-4.

The final

The final was played on the 3rd of June 2009. The teams participating was without any doubt the best playing teams throughout the tournament. During the match it soon became clear that Kongelems was the better team. After two times 25 minutes the score was 5-2, with Kongelems as winners. In the match for the 3rd place DØK won a secure victory against EMF FC.

“The tournament was a fun way to do something different from the ordinary school schedule with my fellow students and friends“
– Kristoffer Bo Jørgensen, EMF FC

CBS Sport would like to thank all the participants. We hope to see everybody in the next football tournament.