Logo competition!

CBS Sport needs a new logo and we are hoping that you can help us. The logo is going to be used by CBS Sports teams, on our website, and in advertisements.

CBS Sport is no longer allowed to use CBS’s logo as its own due to CBS’s change in rules concerning use of their logo. Even minor changes weren’t allowed, so we are therefore looking for a complete new logo. The logo should reflect the values of our organization, winner mentality, and team spirit.

About CBS Sport

CBS Sport is a volunteer student’s sports organization and includes: badminton, basketball, floorball, football, handball rugby, tennis, volleyball, and skaterhockey.

Our color is blue as can be seen on our website and our mascot is the CBS Sport Panther. We are not allowed to use any part of CBS’s logo or the font used by CBS in our new logo.

Your contribution

Please submit your contribution for our new logo by the 15th of July to sport@cbs.dk (preferably both one with and one without the text “CBS Sport”.) file format should be .png and preferably PSD.

The winner of the competition gets a 600 dkr. gift certificate and if the logo gets used by CBS Sport the winner will be awarded with a 2000 dkr. gift certificate.

Look on our website for further information: http://www.cbssport.dk/ – more specifically our history and purpose; http://www.cbssport.dk/about/history-ideology/

If there you have any questions regarding the competition feel free to send them to pernilleschroder@cbssport.dk.

We look forward to receive your contribution.