Loss for CBS Sport Women Handball 1

After three weeks of christmas with contionously eating, we were about to kick off spring season against Hvidovre 2. With the first match fresh in mind (34-19), we knew we had to play our best, to have a chance… unfortunately, many of the team players hadn´t returned yet, and therefore we had a reduced team.

We surprised our self, as well as the opponent, by having a kickstart, and took the lead 2-0. We played really well mostly of first half, at least to the result 10-10. Its important to remark that we finally had the luck on our side as well – finally got to know how that feeling is! Then, one of our ”backs” Mathilde got injured, and that was something Hvidovre really took advantage of – practically running us down. By the end of the first half, the scoreboard said 12-17.

From here, the story is not that funny, nor interesting, and we lost 22-35. Despite that we left the match with a good feeling, and feel prepared for the rest of the season.