May we present: Melda Arikan!

As our beloved Event Manager, Ingrid Ringen, decided to concentrate on her studies leading up to her gradutation this summer, Melda Arikan is stepping in as new Event Manager – she’s 25 years old, studies International Marketing and Management and volunteered for a short interview, so you could all get to know her better:

How did you hear about the event manager position?
– I applied to be an event coordinator, which means that I was already helping out together with the previous event manager. She told me during one of our meetings that the position was going to open up soon. Also, as I was a volunteer during the recent CBS Sport Day, I again got the chance to learn more about it and talk to the current management team, as well as other CBS Sport members. From there on I discussed it with all of them and decided to go for it, because of the great team spirit and the fun but personal/professional capability developing part of being an event manager.

Why did you apply for the position?
– As I said above, I already had the chance to meet the Executive Management Team during the CBS Sport Day. There I have realized that I would like to be a part of the team, where everyone is truly working as a team member: with each other and for each other, in a responsible way with a very positive vibe. The spirit of CBS Sport inspires me to contribute and work while enjoying the moment and my responsibilities. Moreover, as my study is focused on marketing and management and I have experiences in product-marketing and sales support, I thought that this would be a great chance for me to apply my knowledge gained through my studies and work experiences.

Favourite sport to play?
– Currently I am not playing any sports except going to the gym, but I like to play volleyball, used to play basketball. When I was in primary school I would event join the boys to play football during recess or in the park close to home.

Favourite sport to watch?
– Football.

First impression of CBS Sport?
– First, I thought that CBS Sport was more in the background compared to all the other student organisations and all the events that are going on every day on campus. But once I started looking through what it offers as sports, volunteering etc. I started to gain a much more positive impression as stated above. Sports is about having fun, enjoying it and being a member of a team with a great spirit. This shows through and through in all the elements and levels of CBS Sport.

What would do CBS Sport even better?
– In my opinion, CBS Sport can do much better in actually showing and promoting itself with all the values it has for and from members.

Are you a snoozer?
– YES!

Bike or public transport?
– Both! 😀

Crossword or sudoku?
– Sudoku!

Dog or cat?
– Definitely dog. But I have to admit, some cats are just too sweet.

Worst habit?
– Talking too much without thinking first.

Which song gets you on the dancefloor?
– I don’t know actually. It just happens sometimes.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
– A wolf, because I enjoy doing what I do by taking my responsibilities independent with my own point of view, energy and mind-set, but still being interdependent of the pack of wolves I belong to. I love to belong to “the pack” because of the social aspect as well as helping each other, having each others back/support and company in good times as well as bad times. Being social, communicative, honest, loyal and striving high to achieve is similar to a wolfs character I think, by valuing team work a lot.

Meldas “baptism of fire” as new Event Manager will be tomorrow, where the big Dodgeball Tournament is going down!

Good luck and welcome on board!