Meeting with DM Womens rugby league

I had a meeting Sunday with the manager of the Danish Womens league. We are very welcome to join the league. Even if we dont have enough to make a sevens a side team. I told her however that I was keen on getting enough players before to start participation.

Some info:

The league runs in April, Maj and June. It continues September, October and November.
There will be 5 to 6 teams including us. Most are in Zealand, 1-2 in Jutland.
Most games are 7 a side, but also 10s and 15s. It depends on how many players each have. (Im personally hoping to play some 10s but for now just getting a full team is priority)
It is common to share and borrow players from other teams. Therefore I may ask to lend some of you out but not until you are ready and feel comfortable.
I will also need to register all of you to the Danish rugby union.

I will return with more information once we enter the league.

Your coach

Dan Mora-Jensen