New honored member of CBS Sport

July 15, 2014

At the CBS Sport Summer Party the Board was happy to announce that former board member and handball coach Christoffer Larsen would be the seventh honored member of CBS Sport.

Christoffer has been a volunteer in CBS Sport for the last seven years, five of these years he was a part of the board of CBS Sport, where he has been communication responsible and treasurer. Christoffer has been involved in many different activities as part of the board. He has taken part in the planning of some of the big events like CBS Sport Challenge and Street football, he has been in charge of the promotion and marketing of CBS Sport and he has put a lot of energy in the CBS Sport webpage.

Christoffer has been dedicated to the club for the last seven years and he has spent many hours, days and nights doing volunteer work in CBS Sport. He has not only focused on his own responsibilities in the board, he has also helped others when needed even if he did not have the time. Christoffer always wanted to know everything that was going on in the club, even when it wasn’t his responsibility, because he wanted to make sure that CBS Sport is, and also in the future will be, the best sports club. And I’m sure that the CBS Sport would not be the same without Christoffer’s dedication and commitment.

So congratulations to Christoffer. We hope that we will benefit of his commitment for many years to come!

As a bonus information, I can tell you that it was Christoffer’s idea to apply for grants at the Activity Pool for the sluch ice machine. I was a bit sceptic about the application but they accepted it, so I will give him credit for that 🙂

On behalf of the board

Stine Corlin Christensen
Chairman of CBS Sport


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