Only one point from the Fremad Valby-match..

Saturday 28th of April 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla Borg, B, Hansen, Majbritt
Midfield: CC, Ingrid, Ingeborg, Nanna
Striker: Rhieanne, Cat
Subs: Kathrin, Birita

Match Summary

0-0 No goals in first half..

Half time

0-1 Rhieanne puts it to Birita who makes a high ball that goes over the goalie
1-1 Fremad Valby starts of with way more pressure which pays of, with an almost similar goal: high ball.

As always CBS Sport had a lot of good combinations, great runs and more or less eveything BUT the goals.. All of first half, Cecilie was getting cold in the goal because nothing happened on the CBS Sport half. Unfortunately Fremad Valby was way better in trashtalking than at playing football, which meant that CBS Sport had to remind each other not to go along.

At half time everything looked good, but quite similar to the last match against Bk. Pioneren, we have a tendency to fall a little behind in second half.. Fremad Valby managed to put more pressure on CBS Sport and all of a sudden Cecilie had something to do in the goal. But that didn’t keep us from doing some of our great play as well and finally it paid of by Rhieanne paasing a ball to Birita, who gets it over the goalkeeper. But it didn’t last.. Lucky for Fremad Valby, Cecilie was standing a little to far out of the goal and they managed to reduce the lead.

1-1 Birita (assist: Rhieanne)

Result: 1-1 DRAW!
Woman of the Match: Ingeborg