Part One : Introducing The Board Members


During the recent CBS Sport Annual General Meeting (AGM) a new Board was formed. The CBS Sport is led by six members elected by the club’s members who have been members more than 3 months. Chairman is elected for a two-year period and three ordinary board members are elected for a one-year period. During the AGM 2017, we saw the addition of a new Chairman – Cecilie Jørgensen, two new Board members:  Morten Bach and Kris Haase. In addition to that, it was acknowledged that Chairman – Stine Corlin Christensen and two board members – Linda Camilla Boldt and Britt Lorenzen are stepping down from CBS Sport board. Stine has been a Chairman for CBS Sport for the last 6 years and Linda together with Britt for the last 1.5 years. We would like to thank you all the outgoing board members for their dedication and achievement which brought CBS Sport to new heights. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors and projects!

The CBS Sport is very pleased with its previous and actual Board team and we are convinced that together the new board will further enhance the performance and reputation of the club.

Please help us give a warm welcome to the new faces. We look forward to further building exciting strategies and results with the knowledge and leadership they bring.

The Board of CBS Sport has the following composition:

Cecilie Jørgensen – Chairman

Has joined CBS SPORT board as a Chairman. She is currently studying BLC (Spanish) at CBS in the 3rd year. She has been with CBS Sport since she has started her studies at CBS, being led by her passion, basketball and the opportunity to meet new people. Cecilie is now looking forward to using her skills and motivation for further development of the club. She sees a lot of potential in the club and she is determined to keep working together with the volunteers for awesome results.

Joachim Satchwell -Vice Chairman

Has been with CBS Sport since 2010 when he started to play football.  He has graduated in 2015 with a degree in Finance from CBS and now is working as an Associate in a Danish/Swedish private Equity Fund –Polaris. Prior to joining as a Vice Chairman, he held several volunteer positions in the club, among others, first-team coach in 2011, Leader in Football unit since 2013 and a Vice-Chairman since 2016. He aims to transfer his skills he gains in his career, meaning helping the management of the club to formulate and execute the established ambitions and working from a strategic level to build bigger and better projects. For him, CBS Sport is his sandbox: an environment to try out ideas and gain experience with Board work and strategy.

Derya Gokcen – Cashier

Derya is currently studying MSc. in Business Administration and Auditing at CBS. Besides her studies and volunteering work at CBS Sport, she is a part-time employee in the financial sector. As a cashier at CBS Sport, she is in charge of finances.  She has responsible for auditing and has a back-office function in the Board.

Morten Bach-Board Member

Morten studies International Business and Politics at CBS and is graduating in 2017. He works at the Danish NCD Alliance with capacity building of patient organizations in East Africa. Some of the core elements in the organizational capacity building are identical, no matter if it is a Danish sports organization or a patient organization in Uganda. However, working with capacity building in a more challenging context than the Danish provides for a focus on the core elements, which might be useful for CBS Sport, as these despite being important are sometimes forgotten in a well-functioning Danish context.

Kris Haase-Board Member

Kris studies at the moment HA-Almen, ready to begin a Cand.Merc program this summer. He is an active sportsman, playing badminton, handball, and football. He keeps fit by running and strengthening. He has been in the board of an association at B.Sc in Economics and Business Administrations, where he have helped to establish and to take the association one step further within all different strategic to operational levels. He hopes to contribute with these experiences and transfer them to CBS Sport together with bringing up new views and ideas that can help CBS Sport to evolve.

Mikkel  Nielsson-Board Member

Although he graduated in 2016, he still enjoys being a part of CBS Sport as a board member and as a volleyball player. As a part of the board, he wants to contribute to making CBS Sport a strong and well-driven organization that connects people with different study backgrounds, different nationalities and, of course, different sports. For him, CBS Sport provides a good way for students and alumni’s to mix their work and/or studies with sports activities and social events. Together with the Board, he wants to get a good partnership going with the management and try to accomplish strategic tasks that can enable the club to face a good future. He hopes that he can contribute to making the club more visible and transparent for the sports members and to creating a stronger bond between different sports.