Promotion to Københavnersserien!

Bk. Heimdal vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 27th of October 2013
Venue: Fælledparken

This Sunday three teams; KFB, CBS Sport and AB Tårnby were playing for promotion to Københavnersserien. With a win, CBS Sport would be secured promotion as either 2nd or 1st, and with a draw or a loss, CBS Sport would be dependant on AB Tårnby loosing their match against Hvidovre.

Coach Jeppe laid it up like this, when picking the team; “We’re facing Heimdal, a team we know fairly well from seasons past. They had an excellent start to the season winning their first 3 games but have since lost points against the better teams in our pool. Their current record is 5 wins and 3 losses, putting them in 4th place with 15 points and no chance of promotion. Having scored 24 goals and conceded 18 it’s clear they like to play offensive football, much like Østerbro IF, but are vulnerable in the back. I’m confident that we can disrupt their offensive play and create the chances we need to get the victory.”


Cecilie (GK)
Camilla (VB) Darija (CD) Shannon (CD) Hansen (HB)
Birgitte (CM) CC (CM)
Palm (WL) Anne-Mette (OM) Bea (WR)
Malle (ST)

Subs: Katie, Nanna, Frandsen

The match

The match was scheduled to be played on artificial grass, but was changed to normal grass, which Coach Jeppe knew would alter our game a bit. Furthermore both Cecilie and Birgitte felt the need to get a hold of their regular grass boots instead of the boots they’d brought in the first place. This gave a minor messy prelude, but the team in general managed to keep focused.

As we got closer to match start, the spectators also started to show up and at match start there was an impressive support from the side line counting somewhere between 20 and 30 people!

1st half

CBS Sport got a good start and pressured Bk. Heimdal from the first whistle. Unfortunately all play was in the rigth side, so in an attempt to change side, Darija had a pass that was stolen by a Heimdal player who went straight for goal – luckily it didn’t get near the mesh of the nets, but it was evident that we needed to be 100% in our passes, especially with regards the bumpy pitch.

Fortunate for CBS Sport, Bk. Heimdal’s goalkeeper didn’t have her best day and looked a bit unsteady. Throughout the match she had several balls where CBS Sport should’ve scored on the rebound, as she often found herself unable to grab and control the ball.

The first goal came, when Birgitte made a pass through the defense that looked as if it would be too long – but as the goalie stayed on her line, Anne-Mette could reach the ball first and SCORE. 1-0 for CBS Sport!

Later on, CC got a ball on the left side, which she took to the back line and then sent straight for goal – and SCORED! 2-0 for CBS Sport!

Closer to end of first half, Palm had a great chance, where she dribled the goalkeeper but unfortunately shot straight at the post. But only minutes later, she had another go; After great play in front of goal, the ball was sent from the right side of the box to the left, where Palm could easily score, as the goalkeeper was still at the right side of the goal. 3-0 for CBS Sport!

2nd half

In second half, Bk. Heimdal had done some substitutions, that made them more offensive and gave the defense a bit more work. Second half was also where Bk. Heimdal had their best attempts towards goal. Cecilie had a clearing at the edge of the penalty area, that took down Heimdal’s no. 10 – but after collecting herself, she was ready to go on.

Later in second half, Bk. Heimdal had a shot on goal, that went straight passed the left post. Cecilie was out and making the goal small and the defense was pressuring – but CBS Sport also had a bit of luck today.

Closer to match end, Bk. Heimdal had another chance, where Cecilie ended one-on-one with Heimdal’s no. 10 (again). Cecilie got the attack stopped and got the ball – and even though the striker felt that she should have a penalty, the ref (rightfully) disagreed and the match continued.

In the dying minutes, CBS Sport had another corner kick – which throughout the match had been dangerous almost everytime – and this time Malle got her head on Birgitte’s kick and could seal the victory with 4-0!

In retrospect

CBS Sport Football Women won the promotion match and can be found in Københavnersserien next season!!

This is the best result ever achieved by the women’s team and the development we’ve gone through the past seasons has very much been proven!

Like Coach Jeppe summarized;
“In all of 2013 we’ve only lost 1 game, had 3 draws and won 12 games. We’ve scored 33 goals and only conceeded 5.
We’ve kept a clean sheet in 11 games.
In comparison. In 2012 the team won 7 games, drew 5 and lost 6 with a goal score of 29-24.
We still have a lot to work on, but with that kind of improvement, I have no doubt we’ll prove that we belong in KS these coming seasons.”

Finally, a MAJOR thanks to all the spectators! You all provided the great support that helped us give that little extra – and reward you with goals! Furthermore it was awesome to see both rugby players and basketball players among the football players on the side line. This is exactly what CBS Sport is about; support across the different sports! We can’t wait to celebrate a great season with you all at the CBS Sport Christmas Party!

End result: 4-0 (WIN!)
Goals: 1-0: AM (assist: Birgitte), 2-0: CC (unassisted), 3-0: Palm (assist: Anne-Mette), 4-0: Malle (assist: Birgitte)
Woman of the Match: Cecilie with 4 votes.