Sports Manager

CBS Sport is looking for a highly motivated volunteer to join the management team as the new Sports Manager. CBS Sport is an ambitious organization looking to continue its growth and increase its focus on the different sports. As the Sports Manager you will meet and engage with a lot of different people, both inside and outside of CBS Sport. Right now we are over 75 dedicated volunteers.

The Sports Manager has the overall responsibility for all internal communication between the Sports Committee and the Board and Executive Management, as well as for all communication to sports related unions as FIU and DBU. Moreover, the Sports Manager is a key player in the process of proposing and creating new sports under the CBS Sports brand.


● Sports Committee: You will be responsible for planning and organizing all Sports Committee meetings. The Sports Manager has the overall responsibility for all 8 sports etc. planning of budget and overall settings for the Sports Committee to perform.

● Planning of events: Twice a year the CBS Sport Day is held, which you will be responsible for planning. The purpose of Sports day is to recruit new athletes and volunteers. Moreover, you will be responsible for creating bonds across the different sports by establishing events and tournaments.

● Executive Management Member: The Sports Manager is an integral part of the Executive Management Team at CBS Sport, which is a team of 9 people responsible for the daily operations of the club. The Executive Management Team meets once every month to discuss the current status and future outlook of CBS Sport, as well as aligning opinions and deciding on the direction for the club. Once every third month, the Executive Management Team meets with the Board of Directors.


Being a part of the Executive Management will give you vital experiences:

● Leadership experience

● Stakeholder management and cross-function collaboration

● Retention and satisfaction strategies

● Experience in the field of Project Management

● Experience in the field of Volunteer Management

● Presentation skills

● Teamwork and social skills


● Good communicator

● You have an outgoing personality

● You are a team player and demonstrate initiative

● You can motivated people around you

● You take responsibility for your tasks and have a high level of engagement

● You have a passion for volunteer management

● It will also be an advantage if you have knowledge about CBS Sport, but it is not a requirement

● Can speak danish

● You are ready to put in around 10 hours/week


Besides gaining valuable skills for your CV, you will become a part of a large network of enthusiastic and motivated volunteers. You will be working closely with the other Executive Management members, the Board of CBS Sport, and the many sport volunteers who work hard every week to provide great sporting opportunities for our members. Furthermore, you are invited to our volunteer team-building events twice a year, as well as other ongoing social activities for our members and volunteers.


If you are interested in the position, please send a short motivation letter and a CV to with the subject “Application Sports Manager” no later than August 13. If you have any further questions about the position, you are welcome to contact the HR Manager at