Sports Pool: Teambuilding for CBS Sport Football Women

With funding from the Sports Pool (and others) CBS Sport Football Women had a great teambuilding day!

29th of October, 2014


On the 6th of September the women’s football team came together for a teambuilding day with a lot of different activities, fun games and the hope of creating even more unity and cohesion on the team.The girls proved to have high levels of competitiveness and great commitment to their pre-assigned teams.

The teams (yellow, red, blue, green and purple) competed in a CBS Sport Tour, where they first had to bike three stages leading them from the Club Room at Porcelænshaven to the outskirts of Måløv. The stages consisted of a flat 8.6 km sprinting stage, a 3.8 km team time trial where the teams had to work together to get everyone over the finish line together and last a 6.7 km ‘mountain stage’, where teams had to bet on and support their best climbers on the feared climb on Måløv Hovedgade. The teams showed intense competitive spirit as well as good teamwork during the cycling stages. In Måløv the teams engaged on the last stage – a game of football golf.

All teams fought very well, they all got points but from different efforts. Both winning the sprints, winning the climbs on ‘the mountains’, finishing first on the stages as well as proving accurate aiming skills in football golf resulted in points. However, other teams strategized on gaining their points in categories such as teamspirit, best team shout / song, best decorated team etc.


The winners: Team Green

After the fourth stage of football golf, the teams returned to the Club Room for dinner, drinks and celebration of the CBS Sport Tour winners; Team Green.

The night ended the traditional CBS sport way with drinks and dancing the whole night. All in all a great teambuilding day for the CBS Sport Football Women!


Best regards,

Maiken, Majbritt and Christina
The Teambuilding Crew

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