Floorball is roughly what you in primary school simply called “hockey”. The sport is a fantastic tool for fitness training. It is a sport, where everydoby can participate regardless of physical strenght and gender. The sport is among one of the most developing sports in Denmark.
As we play in the 1st division, you need to have tried to play it before, and have a basic understanding of the game. You are welcome either if you just want to practice, or if you also want to play in the tournament. If you are interested in trying out playing at our team, please contact us at the email below.
At the moment we only have a men’s team, but if you want to start up a women’s team as well, feel free to contact us – either way, you are always welcome to come and try it out.

Practice Fee:

For two try-out practices:

Free of charge

Fee for one semester:

The fall semester: DKK 750
The spring semester: DKK 500

Deadline for paying your membership is 1st of September (fall season) and 1st of February (spring season) respectively.
Create your user profile and pay here.