Men’s football

CBS Sport has men’s teams playing both 11-a-side and 7-a-side at differing levels with varying degrees of intensity. We have had strong membership growth over the past couple of years and with a strong continuous interest in our club, we are priviliged enough to be able to be selective concerning new football players. Combined with our limited training facilities, high membership retention, and strong existing talent pool, we are therefore only able and willing to admit few prospective players.

Interested in joining one of the men’s teams? We are always interested in hearing from potential players. Send an email to football@cbssport.dk and we will get back to you.

We are on the lookout for different kinds of staff. If you want to be a coach, team manager or partake in other volunteering activities, please send an email to football@cbssport.dk.

Coaching Staff and contact info

11-a-side, serie 1


11-a-side, serie 4

Malthe Barrett

Head Coach


11-a-side, serie 5

Jakob Pallesen

Head Coach