Would you like to play handball and also have time to study, then CBS Sport Handball is the place for you. We have 1 men’s team and 2 women’s teams that all play in the series leagues in Copenhagen. Past experience is required, but you are welcome regardless of playing level.

In addition to matches and training we focus on the social aspect. The team takes part in other tournaments including beach handball. CBS Sport Handball is a good way to meet students across study-lines and simultaneously keep you in shape. If you are interested in joining a practice at CBS Sport Handball or have any questions contact the sports responsibles. Furthermore please join the womens or mens facebook groups if you decide to try/join our teams.



CBS Sport Handball Men is playing in Serie 1.
CBS Sport Handball Women 1st is playing in Serie 1.
CBS Sport Handball Women 2nd team is playing in Serie 2.

Practice Fee:

For two tryout practices:

Free of charge

Fee for one semester:

Mens teams: DKK 550
Women teams: DKK 550

Pay membership fee here.


Player references regarding Handball:

Stine Corlin Christensen:

“I have been a member of CBS Sport Handball since the fall of 2006 and I have been very happy with it. It is a good way to learn to know people from other studies and it’s nice to play with other students who know and understand if you are busy with papers or exams. CBS Sport is very social and it’s fun to do other things than just playing handball. We’ve had some cool parties and we have also participated in beach handball tournaments. It’s always enjoyable to come to practice and even when you are not motivated to go, you know it will be fun anyway because you are going to see your friends. It’s also really nice to go to the events for the entire CBS Sport and meet people from the other sports. To be a member of CBS Sport has definently made my study time even more fun”.