The Board’s Blog: This time we’re going back..

29th of January 2015
by Asger Bryderup


This time we are going to look back to when CBS Sport was founded.

In 2005 the student life of Copenhagen Business School was very limited, as there were only a few student organisations across different studies. There were several sports teams, all anchored in one study program each, which meant that most of the teams had a very limited lifespan – mostly due to lack of practice pitches, organisational problems and trouble recruiting new players.

Jonas Brandt, a visionary student, got the idea to unite the different teams into one sports club. This was a brilliant idea for many reasons; recruiting players would be easier, it would put pressure on Frederiksberg Municipality for practice pitches, and it would create a great network for CBS students and foremost create a continuous sports club.

With a bit of networking Jonas Brandt gathered members from a few teams to form the club. In March 2006 the founding meeting took place around two tables in ‘Sidevognen’ at Dalgas (where ECO.BAR are having parties, red.) and we around ten people present – yes, I one of the players around the two tables.

We were representatives from two different football teams (Athletico CBS (the former FC SM) and FC Internazionale), an upcoming female handball team and a basketball team of Master Law students. Based on the articles of association of the sports club from Aarhus School of Business we created the club and started working with CBS Sport.

Asger 2015

Asger Bryderup Alternate and Honored Member

In the beginning, we only had three different sports that were all represented in the board. To support the sports there were a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Head of Communication, Head of Events and a Treasurer. Jonas Brandt became the first Chairman (you can see his Hall of Fame picture in the clubroom, red.).

From CBS management’s point of view, there were also many benefits and much prestige in having a sports club. The idea of bringing different students together is something the CBS management truly appreciates today. Integration of the growing non-Danish student population suddenly had a good place to start. Through the Diversity Pool, CBS Sport received support to start new teams and new sports.

During the first meetings there were many decisions to be taken; What should be our colour? Should we have a logo? And how should it look like? How do we implement the different teams? How do the different teams change name to CBS Sport? How and where do we apply for practice pitches?

In the beginning, there were many challenges to meet before the foundation of the present CBS Sport was build. I think CBS Sport turned out quite great!

 Read more about CBS Sport history here and see Honored members and the Wall of Fame with Jonas Brandt among others here.


Best regards
Asger Bryderup
Alternate and Honored Member of CBS Sport

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