The CBS Football Girls Team wins 5-2 against BK Fix

Sunday August 30th the girls’ team was ready to play their second match of the season. With high motivation after the first win and lots of excitement from having a great team with huge possibilities the girls seemed unstoppable. In spite of troubles in the beginning and less control than anticipated the girls’ team still managed to take home a clear victory; the second victory of the season meaning we’re still undefeated.

1st half

From the beginning of the game it’s clear that we were better ball players individually, however little does that help when we fail to work as a team. But with new players and new positions the misunderstandings given, though that it’s not an excuse for playing slow and not talking to each other. Starting out in a 4-5-1 formation it was clear that that was not our favourite formation, and a lot of player had problems finding their position on the field, and Birita had to fight a lot on her own not getting much to work with. But having strong and good football player in this situation definitely helped us out. The first 15 minutes of the game was very messy with most of the play happening on the centre of the field. After a couple of half tries Line send a perfect pass down deep in the centre to Birita, who takes the ball and scores a great goal. The goal seems to clam things down a bit and for a while CBS seems to be in control showing some descent play. Unfortunately, 10 minutes before half time BK Fix scores a stupid goal, where the defence tries to pull an off side, which fails. The last 10 minutes of the game is again embossed by even play bouncing from side to side, but mostly concentrated around the centre of the field.

2nd half

From the beginning of the second half it quickly looked much better, in half time coach decided to change system from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2, which clearly was a good decision, as we were much more comfortable playing this system. However, it did held that BK Fix seemed more tired than us in the second half, so the rooms to play in where somewhat larger. In spite of having a clear majority in both play and chances it would take us almost 15 minutes to score our second goal. After some random play in BK Fix’ zone Birita shoots on goal but the ball is saved, fortunately it ends at Marta who scores her first goal of the season. Only 5 minutes later Birita scores her second goal, after a good pass by Mette. Leading 3-1 CBS was on top and seemed to have everything under control and even showing some nice football. However, we might have been resting a bit too much on the success and with 15 minutes left BK Fix scores their second goal. Annoyed from letting Fix back into the game CBS speeds it up a gear or two and closes the game once and for all. Coach makes a couple of changes and Daija is sent up front to benefit from her speed and eager. This change pays off instantly as Eva sends a long pass down deep to Darija, who sprints from the defence (with several meters) and scores with no doubt sending the ball in the long corner. Finally, Eva doesn’t want to be the only striker not scoring 😉 and in a copy of earlier goals Birgitte sends a pass down deep in the centre of the field to Eva, who as Darija scores in the long corner; 5-2 and still undefeated!!!

The girls’ team has definitely got a strong beginning to the season and this new team seems monstrously efficient and strong. After a couple more matches when the team is in a better coherency and knows each other better, there’s no reason why this can’t be the best season in the CBS Sport Football girls’ team history.

Keep it up girls… Next Sunday we have our first real test against one of the top teams; Heimdal.


  1. Birita (assist: Line)
  2. Marta (assist: Birita)
  3. Birita (assist: Mette)
  4. Darija (assist: Eva)
  5. Eva (assist: Birgitte)

Line up

Goalie: Tine

Defence: Karina, Darija, Signe P, Lone

Midfield: Nanna, Birgitte, Eva, Line, Mette

Striker: Birita

Subs: Signe B, Marta, Kimmi

Woman of the match: Marta (7 votes)