The idea behind the amendment to the constitution

The board is proposing some changes to the constitution. The changes means that we want to divide the current board and current tasks into two: A board and an executive management. The idea is that the primary focus for the board will be the strategy and goals for CBS Sport and a focus on how to reach the goals and develop the club. While the focus for the executive management will be the daily management of the club.

These past years the daily work have taken a lot of the focus of the board because there has often been a lot of daily tasks that had to be done or discussed, leaving minimal time to focus on the strategy and how to reach the goals. With a separation of the people in charge of the strategy and the people in charge of the daily management, we think that there will be more room to focus on the strategy and initiative to reach the goals, as well as more structure on the daily management.

The board will of course as always have the overall responsibility for the management of the club, but the tasks regarding the daily management are delegated to the executive management. As stated in the constitution the board will still be the overall responsible for the finances and still needs to approve the financial reports and budgets. However, the board will primarily use their time developing a strategy for the club, as well as set short and long-term goals and make a plan on how to reach the goals. These goals will then be communicated to the executive management, who will be responsible for implementing most of the goals in collaboration with the board. We hope that more focus on the strategy will develop the club even further and make CBS Sport an even better club with hopefully the possibility to grow.

The thought is also that the strategy and goals will be presented at the next Annual General Meeting to get the members input of the direction of the club’s devolvement. Then the board that is elected next year can use these inputs for further development of the strategy.

The idea behind the executive management and the different rolls is to gather the responsibility for similar tasks under one person, instead of several different persons i.e. have the responsibility for different marketing tasks. We hope that this will make it easier to find the right persons with the right skills to do the tasks. Also with one person responsible for area of responsibility, you will much faster get the needed experience to solve the tasks in an efficient way, which can make room for development of existing tasks and new ideas.

Likewise, the idea with the Sport Manager is to gather the contact to the sports responsibles in one person, instead of each board member being contact to one or two sport. The Sport Manager’s only focus is to help the sports, instead of each board member doing this besides all other daily tasks. The goals is that this person becomes a great sparring partner for the sports responsibles and e.g. help them set (long-term) goals for the sports.

At the moment there are 11 people taking care of the daily tasks and with the new organization there will only be five. These five people will of course not have to do all of the tasks themselves, but the purpose is that they find volunteers to help them. The Marketing and Communication Manager can e.g. find a couple of volunteers to help plan the intro presentations or CBS Sport Day, and the plan is that the Finance & Sponsor Manager will start a Sponsor Committee to search for sponsors for the club.

Below we have summarized the roles, composition and work of the board and the executive management.


Role of the board:

  • Act on behalf of the General Assembly (i.e. the members) and represent their interest during the board’s election period
  • Develop CBS Sport’s overall strategy, goals and vision to secure a common basis for the work of the board, the executive management, the sports committee and all other volunteers in the club
  • Follow up on the implementation of the strategy and goals
  • Ensure relevant guidelines for allocation of responsibilities as well as planning and follow-up.
  • Recruit volunteers for the executive management
  • Delegate the daily tasks to the executive management
  • Develop the executive management
  • Ensure financial responsibility
  • Organize board meeting at least 6 times a year


Composition of the Board:

  • Consist of six board member, with minimum two students at the election time.
  • Consist of chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and three ordinary board members


Responsibilities of the board:

  • Start-up:
    • Defining the 1-, 3- and 5- year vision and goals on the basis of the work of the former board
  • Recruit the executive management and dividing of responsibilities
    • Pass on knowledge from the former board to the new elected board
  • Implantation and Development
    • Execution of the strategy
    • Sparring with executive management
    • Contribute with starting projects
  • Follow-up:
    • Evaluation of 1-year goals
    • Evaluation of the past years work in the club
    • Search for new board members
    • Search for members of the executive management


Role of executive management:

  • Executive the daily tasks and management of the club
  • Responsible for working toward the goals set by the board
  • Secure implantation of strategy and goals
  • Recruit project leaders and other volunteers in committees beneath the executive management
  • Develop the volunteers beneath the executive management
  • Secure collaboration and communication across the club
  • Organize executive management meeting approximately once a month


Composition of the executive management:

  • Consist of five member (the numbers of members in the executive management may be subject to change if the board finds it needed)
  • Consists of General Manager, Finance & Sponsor Manager, Event Manager, Marketing & Communication Manager, and Sport Manager.

This summarized the thoughts and ideas behind the proposal for changes to the constitution as well as the new structure of the club.

If our members adopt it, the new board and executive management will of course need some time to adapt to the new roles and the new allocation of the tasks. We know that it will take a great deal of work to get this new organization implemented but we are ready for the challenge, and we are sure that these changes will help CBS Sport evolve and make it a better and hopefully more successful club.

We hope that this answers all or most of the questions you might have regarding the proposal. But if not you are welcome to send an e-mail to

The current board is looking forward to seeing a great deal of our members at the General Meeting on April 14th and we will of course encourage you to vote for the changes to the constitution.



On behalf of the board

Chairman Stine Corlin Christensen